Amazing tools used by the US forest service Wranglerstar professional Homeowner

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  • Paul Tasker
    Paul Tasker

    Love these type of shorts! Have learned a lot from them and are put together very well. They are actually put together so well, that I have rewatched many of them multiple times just because I like them. Love the content as well.

  • Charlie D
    Charlie D

    "You could line up your hole & start your work"

  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis

    "supple, kissable, fertile men"

  • Vain

    When he said “in the fertile minds… of MEN…” fear struck my heart for him.

  • FutureRefrence

    "Now you're ready for your next hole"

  • rolls _879
    rolls _879

    that's beautiful man. love these videos you've been making recently

  • Dr. Kim Lee Su
    Dr. Kim Lee Su

    Beautiful piece. Unfortunately it seems to be dying off. I think a resurgence is about to come about, for those who want it.

  • Rusty Shakleford
    Rusty Shakleford

    I love tools of this era. They remind me of old fine firearms. Evrn the smell

  • Helen3691

    Gives me new appreciation for the workmanship on those gorgeous lodges. ❤️

  • Zedthejoker

    That mesh gear set up to return it to the top is really smart good job to whoever thought of that long ago

  • Evan Quigley
    Evan Quigley

    There's just a special smile you get seeing something so simple, but we'll thought out at the same time.

  • Drinkwater73

    “and you’re ready for you next hole”

  • Believer

    That is an amazing piece of technology

  • Popechickle

    The short format seem to fit your bank of knowledge soo well. Man, this reminds me of going to my grandfathers old farm machinery barn and asking him as a little kid, “what is this grandpa?”

  • Larsen Hale
    Larsen Hale

    I love that you are so interested and knowledgeable about the things you educate others on. Keep it up

  • 01AceAlpha

    This is fantastic.

  • English Country Life
    English Country Life

    I recall when you first showed this Cody back in the timber framing period. Loved it then, love it now.

  • Ryan Myers
    Ryan Myers

    I do love these shorts with the different Forrest service tools, I love the history. Thank you for celebrating men aswell, we need more of this.

  • Nicolas Wolfer
    Nicolas Wolfer

    That’s really cool! I love the shorts, although I do love the full length videos!

  • Joshua Lunsford
    Joshua Lunsford

    That’s actually how toilets were designed to be sat upon but at some point we lost our way