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  • Sean Parker
    Sean Parker

    I totally destroyed my ex’s dad’s nice pleather dining room chairs. The rivets had rolling and had a sharp edge. Literally cut the seat up. Once I realized I didn’t sit down the rest of the night and threw out those pants. Told him I would pay for it. But he ended up buying a different style completely so he said thanks for the push to upgrade. 🤷‍♂️

  • Brandtalones

    I was at the frog pond last night. It was dark and all I could hear was the loud chorus of "Rivet... Rivet... Hidden rivet."

  • Justin Tuchek
    Justin Tuchek

    I want the Wranglerstar presentation on quality denim brands

  • ianhpete

    Feature in your american made denim, holds up ironheart jeans that are made in japan

  • head85

    I'm a Malay and my parents used to mention "denggri" to refer to jeans and I have always wondered the origin of that word and numerous times have forgotten to look up online. You are the first person outside of my family whom I have heard mentioning dungarees hence pushing me to look it up online. I can't believe I got the spelling right the first time too!

  • duck in gamestop
    duck in gamestop

    For some reason it's really funny to imagine cowboys just wearing regular jeans like I do

  • Tom Robey
    Tom Robey

    Thought he was finally going to talk about Wrangler Jeans 😂

  • S6BBZ

    Yeah metal buckles on back pockets destroyed my chair at work lol

  • Michael Scoggins
    Michael Scoggins

    In the 60's my grandfather caught a guy sitting on the hood of his car one day. He told the guy to get off his car. The guy slid off his car. But the rivets on his back pockets scratched the hood of his car. My grandfather was not happy about this and made the guy take off his jeans and sprayed lighter fluid on them and set his jeans on fire and called it even. True street justice.

  • New Jargon
    New Jargon

    I can't be the only one that likes when a belt can slide under the label, helps with a little extra weight on the right hip.

  • Diran Bang!
    Diran Bang!

    I had some jeans like that and had no idea thats why, I thought it was a lot of work to hide a few rivets for aesthetic purposes but now it makes so much sense

  • Drew 003
    Drew 003

    I once fell off of a motorcycle wearing Levi's, you couldn't even tell that I fell off because the jeans held up so well

  • Gummo Stump
    Gummo Stump

    I've always wondered when/where/if the studs were really necessary these days. I'd love to wear jeans more often, but too often I worry about leaning on or over furniture, cars, etc, and leaving scratches in the finish.

  • Austin Cheynet
    Austin Cheynet

    Are there any denim brands that you would recommend

  • Wink Finkerstien
    Wink Finkerstien

    Very accurate! 😎👍🏻 Thanks for passing on the legacy.

  • Couch

    Ironheart? Fantastic!

  • Kyle Shepherd
    Kyle Shepherd

    Only my dude could hold up a pair of $400 Japanese jeans and refer to them as American Dungarees because apparently he is a 125 year old grandma.

  • astral plane crash
    astral plane crash

    Beautiful Iron Hearts man.

  • Marco Pena
    Marco Pena

    And that’s why I love wrangle’s! 👍

  • Evan Vahey
    Evan Vahey

    The amount of times I've cut up my fingers on those damn rivets....