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  • Wranglerstar

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  • iamarawn

    I always have a few in my backpack. I ride ratty vintage motorcycles. These things are amazing. One of those jet lighters are carefully melt them and you can have a decent soldering wire if anything goes wrong. For normal work, I'll do it properly, but for on the road, this stuff is epic.

  • That Dude
    That Dude

    I like to start in the center because it pushes the air out and is less likely to tear/puncture. Also, for added strength I push the wires together so the strands are interlocked.

  • Dora The Destroyer
    Dora The Destroyer

    I have to use these for the work I do on navy ships. They usually work but the 1% fail rate they tend to have at the amount I use them makes me wish I could just use a solder iron.

  • RazorBlade

    These are times you meet something so good it revolutionises the products in your shop

  • CharlieP

    You got to be careful. You can melt the plastic open if you get it too I've had a few where the solder didn't melt

  • kyler sawicki
    kyler sawicki

    These create a cold solder joint every time you use them they work great in an emergency but that’s all they should be used for

  • Nick Michels
    Nick Michels

    These things are great and do a pretty good job of stabilizing the joint. However Just remember soldier joints can become brittle connections with time and temperature variations. In higher vibration situations mechanical connections (lugs, terminals, etc) are generally preferred. So sometimes those engine bay, under vehicle, etc connections last longer with the mechanical method.

  • Chad Krakatoa
    Chad Krakatoa

    I use something very similar (solder sleeve) on aeroplanes too. You'd be surprized at how much condensation is a problem in a plane.

  • Little_Firby

    I love watching all these shorts, I hope to move out west one day with the help of all the things you’ve taught us

  • Cam Revill
    Cam Revill

    I fell in love with those instantly fast forward a few months and they are constantly a point of failure on projects I used them on

  • A. Justice
    A. Justice

    In order for the solder to bind to the copper, the copper would have to be heated way more than it could be through that sleeve. There's no way that connection is as good as a proper crimp. I agree that they would be handy in an emergency, or something non-critical, but I definitely wouldn't use those on my vehicle or around the house.

  • Josue Garcia
    Josue Garcia

    Good if your in a pinch. I would recommend you check to see if the solder actually penetrated the copper strands or if it just melted over it. Would make for an interesting video

  • Pro Builder
    Pro Builder

    I used those on my trailers, they're excellent!

  • XboobtubeX smith
    XboobtubeX smith

    that is no substitute for a "western union splice" and a real soldering gun and shrink tubing.

  • El Guapo
    El Guapo

    My experience Is that they're very technique sensitive....the video shows 'best case' result, but you will have many fails before u get it right.


    Awesome! I'm restoring a Yacht, and installing an electric engine, these will be perfect for all connections!!

  • Boy Was That Stupid
    Boy Was That Stupid

    I love this channel! So many useful tips!

  • Pablo SR Zavala
    Pablo SR Zavala

    One of my favorite IRglo/ shorts sites… love it

  • Jacob Nemeth
    Jacob Nemeth

    I’m not the most handy guy, but your videos make me feel more confident wherever I go.