Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner

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  • The Ram
    The Ram

    She even folds your personal defense.

  • AE

    The crazy thing is some people will act like Mrs W is being oppressed.

  • Robert Campomizzi
    Robert Campomizzi

    One day when I was like 4 or 6 I asked my grandfather why he was sweeping cause 'thats girls work.'

  • Forrest Holmes
    Forrest Holmes

    Cheers to Mrs. W. a professional home owner in her own way.

  • justwannaname

    You’re giving Jay Leno a run for his money with those denim shirts 😂.

  • Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan

    That confirms it Wrangle. I had a suspicion you were a cartoon character because of the same clothes you wear. I knew it. I freaking knew it.

  • Johnny Najera
    Johnny Najera

    Watch people be triggered.

  • Cumbrian Rider
    Cumbrian Rider

    “Irons on request” 😂

  • Reindert Twigt
    Reindert Twigt

    Someone is living the dream man. Good for you.

  • Chad Bergeron
    Chad Bergeron

    She even sorts your shirts by how faded they are. You're one lucky man.

  • LOD 1776
    LOD 1776

    I love your closet dude!! Your shorts are outstanding...and so is that LAW folder on that freedom stick!

  • Steven Wise
    Steven Wise

    That's a beautiful AR you have there. 👍

  • TwoDogsYYC

    My wife does the exact same things and after 30 years we are still as in love as day one.

  • Jonathan Nocon
    Jonathan Nocon

    Always have had a high admiration to Mrs W, she seems to ooze motherhood and have it to the T 👌🏼

  • John Beach
    John Beach

    What many will probably overlook, is that Mrs W is also happy, and that Mr . W takes care of Mrs W equally.

  • Richard Storms
    Richard Storms

    Love the cordless hole puncher

  • Airsoft Luke
    Airsoft Luke

    Bro is an NPC with that closet 💀

  • Mark Hottman
    Mark Hottman

    Dude your wife is a gem 💎

  • Samer

    The kind of wife everyone wants, bless her ❤

  • KC Creations
    KC Creations

    Nice tribute to our northern brethren with all those Canadian Suits!