Why I'm Going To Montana
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  • Sawyer Walser
    Sawyer Walser

    Hey Cody

  • Zebbarooski

    I really enjoy how you take the time to devote a portion of mental capacity to explain to us how you feel doing given tasks, based on where you are at in your life. Also, while simultaneously continuing on with your workload. Thank you again for all you do!

  • Wicked Proxy
    Wicked Proxy

    A tip for those that are looking at raised beds but finding the cost of filling them with good garden soil and compost a bit too steep. Try filling the bottom half with small sticks then over that leaves and grass clippings. Compact it down and fill the top half with your soil blend of choice.

  • Kelley McBride
    Kelley McBride

    I worked as a commercial grower in huge greenhouses for many years and it did the same to me. Now I'm retired and I only work on my projects on my homestead and it's like I'm a kid playing outside again 🇺🇸👨‍🌾👍

  • SinsOfAnubis

    Cody, just friendly advice, try to keep your windows and doors closed when working with dry, dusty dirt with the A/C on, the dust is very bad for the conditioner and WILL cause it to prematurely fail. Happened in my John Deere 250G and the field mechanic was not happy as he had to rip out almost the entire interior of the cab to replace it.

  • Robert Blackwood
    Robert Blackwood

    I was once asked why I didn't become a carpenter if I enjoyed it so much. My response is that I can't think of a faster way to ruin a hobby. You keep up the good work.

  • C.A. G.
    C.A. G.

    This is just vintage Wranglerstar: Cody actually doing the stuff on his homestead many of us only dream about doing!

  • KyScott

    7.481 gallons per cubic foot or 202 gallons per cubic yard. Volume adds up quick! I recently had a neighbor ask me to estimate the size of a fresh water cistern for him. In case you might be wondering, one inch of rain per square foot will give you .623 gallons of water in runoff. 👍

  • Patrick Gunderson
    Patrick Gunderson

    “When you’re not pressed for time or pressured to produce, there’s so much more joy in your work.”

  • JpMountain Gaming
    JpMountain Gaming

    Hey. Just discovered your channel and I’m already a fan. As a native Montanan I think I speak for most of us when I say we can’t wait to have you.

  • Zebbarooski

    Ahh! plastic sheets on the bottom corners! That's going to go on my dad's manure truck for sure! His metal sides are rotting away already. It's great being able to apply these ideas to my own dilemmas, Thank you for the observation!

  • Jason Hammang
    Jason Hammang

    I realize that Cody likely gets a little kick back by including his toys in these videos, but if ever there was an opportunity for “old fashioned/homesteader” using a shovel and wheelbarrow it would have been the filling of the raised beds.

  • Driving With Jake
    Driving With Jake

    I built two 4x8x2ft boxes this summer, took two full loads in my long box to fill them up. A huge amount of dirt. Not sure if I seen on there but have you thought about running a auto watering system. It would be very helpful should you travel away. Then again you got some good help there.

  • Steve Rodemoyer
    Steve Rodemoyer

    “The King’s Wood”… How right you are. A breakdown of federal overreach and the needs of locals might be a good video to do, Cody.

  • Anthony Harper
    Anthony Harper

    I know a guy that went to a composting convention in Oklahoma or Arkansas around Thanksgiving. The day before the convention, they placed about a dozen turkeys in the compost pile and they ate them the next day cooked tatally from the heat generated from the pile .

  • Hands and Feet Homestead
    Hands and Feet Homestead

    I remember being awestruck with your humility after that unfortunate event at the Honda event. I admire your courage to share that.

  • John McCoy
    John McCoy

    I know the feeling as far as whiskey throttle and goes and completely being embarrassed but let's just say I hope we don't hear the same about Montana I don't know if you could handle that! Stay strong, safe and Keep on keeping on

  • bbroome62

    I can relate to the having a passion to do certain types of work but not in a mass production way. I love the craft of machining but I don't like not being in control of how I do it. We live in a time of personal creativity doesn't matter - only the bottom line matters.

  • Saddy Sly
    Saddy Sly

    Teflon lining machinery is amazing, we use it in our small and large hay bailers. Saves the metal from excessive wear and tear 🇦🇺

  • Collin Stiernagle
    Collin Stiernagle

    I had the same experience with music. As soon as you hook up with a band that wants to make money all the fun gets sucked right out. Now I just have a few friends that sit out on my porch and we pick on old guitars while we drink coffee. Very peaceful and fulfilling.