Testing The Cheapest Chainsaw On AMAZON
Testing The Cheapest Chainsaw On AMAZON
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  • Wranglerstar


  • WheeliePete

    Thanks for showing a non-perfect drop. It happens and it's good for people to see that "stuff" happens. Good teaching opportunity to remind everyone to have an escape route and plan. Thumbs up!

  • Jayden Gunning
    Jayden Gunning

    Hey Wrangerstar, Id just like to say that after a few weeks of watching your videos I've learned a lot and I'll continue to watch! I like how you throughly examine and run down how to use tools. Its also great that your stand up for yourself against all the keyboard warriors/haters on the internet!

  • T. A. Dean
    T. A. Dean

    Thanks for doing this Cody. I appreciate your generosity of knowledge. There are those of us who watch your experiences and use them as motivation and guidance for our projects.

  • Dogman

    "Everyone should have a chainsaw around"

  • Rory Vazley
    Rory Vazley

    The thing you have to consider with cheap tools is that you can find ones that work well and have the power needed for the job, but if they're made with cheap parts they're going to wear out faster. So I guess you have to decide if you buy something cheap that works

  • Mark Twane
    Mark Twane

    I don't even know who this guys is or what his channels even about, but he called me a friend, and that really got to my heart. This guy's got my subscription. Keep up the good work, friend.

  • ZipKickGo

    Dear Cody, I've been with you guys since felling a tree with a shotgun ;) Over that time, the channel has evolved. I still enjoy every video as much as the last and can't wait for the next. But I will say I'm missing the humble homesteading videos. Perhaps it's a sign of the family work paying off and things have gotten established. The days of something having to be fixed or pruned or built everyday and put on video are in the past maybe. But the simple things like fixing a ram pump really had an endearing quality about them. I hope this comment has a little bit of nostalgic heart warming to you guys. Looking forward to the next video!

  • Adam W
    Adam W

    Man such a good video not only for the review of a cheap saw; but your explanation of how the tree came down was really informative. Thank you very much for all the videos you make. I truly enjoy watching them.

  • jgto17

    I recently purchased a ryobi gas saw with 14 inch blade (also a $100 saw) and am equally impressed with it. Just cut down a 40 foot tree today with it. I just use it for around the house, but have been impressed with its capability.

  • David Martin
    David Martin

    I've been using a chinese 14" bar petrol chainsaw that I bought over 5 years ago from our local hardware superstore here in the UK for £75. I cut and log our firewood each year with it, just touching up the chain as required with files. A great runner and simple to start. I don't cut anything over 12" diameter with it though....👍

  • Travis Pratt
    Travis Pratt

    Just wanted to comment how much i love your “testing the cheapest” videos, keep em going man I find em very helpful.

  • Sailfire1

    Hey! Good vid. The unexpected tree-twist was additional learning, and led to an aside that made it more interesting too. You’re a good tutor.

  • REV J
    REV J

    Seems like the perfect saw for someone to keep at a cottage or lakehouse for the occasional spring cleanup, or as you said, to keep in the truck/camper for rural excursions and emergencies.

  • Tarman The Champion
    Tarman The Champion

    I have the same osborne pocket knife as you! It just has the serrated edge as well. I've owned the thing for 10 years now and its holding up great! I usually sharpen it once every year, or every 6 months depending on the use.

  • Nicolas Christiaens
    Nicolas Christiaens

    The design looks a lot like my 30-year old Husqvarna Rancher saw, but with cheaper plastic parts. I used to start it on the ground with my right foot in the handle hole, keeping the throttle open :-)

  • Dan Carmody
    Dan Carmody

    The throttle lock is probably part of the choke. On our Jonsered saw you squeeze and hold the throttle then pull out the choke. That will keep the throttle open.

  • Weirdy Beardy
    Weirdy Beardy

    So since it's been a about a year is there going to be a follow-up video showing how well it did cutting up firewood? It would be nice to know how it held up after cutting 10 or 20 cords.

  • Ace

    Thanks for the honest review. Most guys would have found every possible way to nit pick every detail on it because it's not a name brand or one of their favorite saws

  • MovingTarget

    Two separate stems with "included bark" should not be felled together with a conventional notch and back cut. That can be one of the most dangerous jobs to encounter with standing trees. Each stem needs to be treated as a separate tree and felled accordingly. Those stems could have failed at anytime while making the notch or back cut, killing the operator. The visible seam between the two stems is a dead giveaway upon approach. The visible bark on each interior side of the stems once they are laid down confirms the presence of included bark.