Testing The Cheapest Impact Driver On AMAZON
Testing the cheapest impact driver on Amazon.
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  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    I have a whole set of these Black & Decker tools (drill, impact driver, saw, etc.) and use them heavily in a city living situation.

  • AsianMikeDesigns

    I have both tools. I started with the B&D(paid $35 open box) when it first came out. I've driven many of screws with that B&D until I was able to afford the Makita. The B&D still runs as strong as it did the first day, but it will never be on the same level as a Makita. I fell in love with Makita with its size, balance in weight, and the amount of power & torque delivered. I've owned and used a lot of different brands and havent found one that works as well for me as the makita. Thats with all the makita tools across their line up i have found to be top notch. So of course putting a B&D up against a makita is unfair as one is for home use and the other is for pro use, and they are obviously manufactured & priced accordingly.

  • Dad does Things
    Dad does Things

    Ryobi makes some pretty good stuff. It's definitely way better than black and decker. You should definitely check them out, I've had one for 7 years, and have used it at least once a week and used it remodelings dozen or so houses, and it's still going strong. Still using the same batteries too.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith

    I’ve had that same impact for 2-3 years now and it hasn’t failed me yet. I’ve built a chicken coop, tree house for the kids, and done countless stuff with it inside the house as well. It’s held up just fine.

  • M.W.H.

    I'd like to see 5 or 6 of the more popular DIY brands (drills, drivers, skill saw or recip saw) be used in a simulated professional setting or job site to see which one last the longest.

  • vmsmith16

    I have a porter Cable impact (which is pretty much the same thing as that black and Decker) and I've used it every day for about three years. It's really pretty decent.

  • Philip Roberts
    Philip Roberts

    You can change the sound setting on the Mikita charger. Plug in the battery twice, really quick, and there are actually like 10 different sound settings. One of them is just silent. Took me a while to figure that one out!

  • Mark Chiodini
    Mark Chiodini

    I use the Makita impacts daily to put couplings on pipe every day at work. It’s a well made tool and tough. It takes falls from scissor and boom lifts, ladders and scaffold and gets back to work in almost every case. I don’t mind the singing charging stations, personally. Battery life is pretty good as well. It’s pricey, but you get your money’s worth out of it in my opinion

  • Life on Hoth
    Life on Hoth

    It's a much smaller tool, but it's also a lot lighter! When I bought an old house, which I planned to renovate completely, The first thing I bought was a bag of makita power tools. :). It had a circular saw, angle grinder, drill, impact driver and a lamp (useless hehe). And the impact driver is by far the most used tool of them. It's by far the best tool purchase I ever did. And my point is - the only times a drill is better to drive screws with, in my opinion, is when you need very fine control. But in construction that is not important at all.

  • Luciano Narno
    Luciano Narno

    You can tell Cody is an experienced gun owner cause even using impact drivers he keeps the finger OFF the trigger at all times. Lol.

  • rob goodyear
    rob goodyear

    Good honest review and comparing against contractor grade was good reference. A lot of people dont need industrial grade tools for most home projects and knowing that it will do the job is helpful review! Thumbs up

  • Max Jackson
    Max Jackson

    It’s very helpful having a Tone play when the battery’s done, as you’re rarely working near the charger. That’s what I’ve found at least.

  • Ryan McIvor
    Ryan McIvor

    Hey great videos but after watching a couple comparisons you have made mention of 18V vs. 20V. They are the same thing... just depends and where on the discharge curve you take the number. As far as I've seen as I've seen so far they all use 18650 Li-ion cells which have a rated voltage of 3.7V but can be as high as 4.2V fresh off the charger. Basically both use 5 cells in series in their packs and the larger packs parallel an additional 5 cells for the greater capacity and obvious size. So the difference 18V vs. 20V is just marketing.

  • John Ellington
    John Ellington

    I have the B&D for 3 years and has yet to fail me. For $69 spent it does and has done everything I've asked of it.

  • Hustle Everyday
    Hustle Everyday

    I have one of the black and decker drills that allows me to change the heads around from impact to reciprocal saw, to a routing tool, to a circular saw, and so on. Its a crazy little drill tool and all the attachments run around 39.99 a piece. The crazy part of it is, I have owned the drill for about 10 years, and the little guy is still running like the day I purchased it! Now I have numerous other professional tools, but this is a nice little set when I am in a pinch, and I will say without a doubt that black and decker has proved themselves to me with this little multi-use tool!

  • Jacob Zimmerman
    Jacob Zimmerman

    From my experience, I think those "Christmas lights" mean it's not a brushless motor.

  • wht02lightning

    Seems like it held up quite well. I think it’s worth the savings for 95% of users

  • kellsarah

    Black & Decker does have a premium line, it's called DeWalt

  • Nes Storms
    Nes Storms

    The noise from the makita chargers is the fan which is essential to cool the battery while it is being charged.

  • D J
    D J

    I bought a B&D at Lowe’s on a whim looking for a small drill with a lithium battery (I’m over ni-cads). The 20v performed great for what I needed. I’m a professional truck tech and do tons of interior work removing/installing dashes cabinets and trim wearing out one B&D drill. I like the drill because the torque is adjustable to keep from destroying plastic panels and it has a light that is very handy in obscure places. Then I bought the impact driver the same as you have, yes both the driver and drill are light duty but that’s what I wanted along with the compact size. If I need more power I change tools I don’t beat my light duty tools to destruction. There’s never been nor ever will be an indestructible tool few people understand that. I see guys buy expensive name brand tools and they still brake when forced beyond its design limitations. It’s knowing how to select the correct tool to get the job done. The Mikita is clearly a stronger tool with an obviously larger power supply at a $$ and heavier. For me I didn’t buy a $40 sledgehammer I bought a $1 fly swatter to kill fly’s but there are occasions I get the sledgehammer out because I’m not in the mood to struggle.