Testing The ULTIMATE Survival Tool - Wranglestar Professional Homeowner
Testing the ultimate survival knife Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner.
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  • Wranglerstar


  • mike williams
    mike williams

    it looks like it did better than the $600 tool

  • Fugu Meister
    Fugu Meister

    Ah yes, the frail metric system, I, on the other hand, prefer measuring things in feet, toes, and kneecaps.

  • BgPapa

    for $30, that seems pretty damn good to me considering the price

  • Tevin Shaffer
    Tevin Shaffer

    “America really likes bats they’ll really like it if we put that on there” did not age well

  • Lumberjacks Life
    Lumberjacks Life

    Hey mate a fair while ago a mate used to watch you and I started watching you too I started swinging an axe whenever my family whent camping. I ended up getting good with the axe and I'm now in the sport of wood chopping in Australia and am competing at a high level within the under 17 juniors. To you sir I say thankyou.

  • Brad Lauk
    Brad Lauk

    "Someone in china said Americans really like bats, we'll put that on there"

  • GeneGene

    Who tests a shovel without digging a hole ?

  • Peszek

    When he said " unfortunately it's in metric" I had a rapid out of body experience

  • Chris Nameless
    Chris Nameless

    I would like to have seen you test it as a shovel.

  • JoshJLMG Productions
    JoshJLMG Productions

    "It's not advisable to chop down trees with the flashlight."

  • Noah McAlister
    Noah McAlister

    The red cone isnt for directing aircraft, its the "night light" filter for the flashlight as red light doesent affect your night vision as quickly as white light

  • Rac3r5

    Thanks for the demo, might consider one. BTW, that knife has a inset groove at the end for the fire starting rod. No need to mess up the knife or the saw.

  • Luke Ramirez
    Luke Ramirez

    The dude is like: "lets try and make a nuclear bomb with it"

  • Fraser Mackay
    Fraser Mackay

    Tests a survival shovel for everything except being a shovel...

  • Raixor

    The paracord on the flashlight is a good idea. You can twirl the flashllight by the cord really fast to create a ring of light so Search & Rescue can see you, in case you're lost. The white cone could maybe enhance the ring if it's not dimming.

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor

    Actually a pretty nice tool and it actually did a pretty good job at the task it did. Might actually be worth it's weight.

  • Derrick Hartman
    Derrick Hartman

    What I loved about the foldable spades they give you in the military is they have a loop handle so you can set the handle over stick the spade in the ground and use it as a toilet seat

  • Paul Helberg
    Paul Helberg

    Compared to the most expensive survival multi-tool that you reviewed for $600.00, I must say that this is a bargain for $30.00. Neither would be my first choice for actual survival, but both would offer some utility in a pinch. Good reviews.

  • Neville Sia
    Neville Sia

    i’ve never been so offended by someone talking about a metric system