Professional Homeowner Hack
Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner hack 36

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  • Darknight1243

    Just the sheer lack of context of this short and that he just casually makes caltrops with 0 explanation. It's just a masterpiece

  • Maki

    That moment when you realize you own a bolt cutter and you've been a professional homeowner this whole time.

  • Dictator of cringe
    Dictator of cringe

    “Professional homeowner hack” ah yes I love that classic homeowner moment where I have to resort to guerilla warfare and start using caltrops

  • obscurissimus

    Wranglerstar went from whimsical vintage tools and craftsmanship to guerilla warfare like, way faster then I was prepared for....

  • InReality

    We went from homesteading to ruby ridge real quick and I don't hate it!

  • Eric Rerecich
    Eric Rerecich

    As a lifeguard, this will definitely help stop kids from running around the pool can't wait till work tomorrow 😀

  • George Washington
    George Washington

    When you've become immune to the pain of stepping on a LEGO, and wanna add some excitement into your life

  • Vaul

    “No one knows where the caltrops come from, all we know is everyone has at least one hole through their foot”

  • mcdoj

    He knows exactly what he's doing, this kind of stuff stirs up so much engagement $$

  • Christopher Cervantes
    Christopher Cervantes

    "How to stop cars from parking in front of your yard like a professional homeowner."

  • Curtis Goffinski
    Curtis Goffinski

    The content I’ve been waiting for.

  • Walter Kasica
    Walter Kasica

    Wrangler star preparing for the Blue Helmets is surely a sign of the end times

  • theguy9208

    Next time my drawbridge gets jammed and stuck down during a siege, ill remember this helpful tip! This'll really make that enemy cavalry think twice!

  • David Jessee
    David Jessee

    I’m having flashbacks from the 70s when my older sister leaves her jacks on the living room floor

  • Andrew Appleton
    Andrew Appleton

    I’m here for this, nice skill to learn


    “How to stop your little cousins from running around your house during family parties”

  • wojtek rogowski
    wojtek rogowski

    Just what i need right now. Spot on. Thank you.

  • Wes

    i was trapped home alone and did this, thank you Forrester!

  • mowgli2071

    If you had asked me if I was going to learn how to make caltrops in 15 seconds today I would have never expected to say yes 😆

  • The Lizard King
    The Lizard King

    Ah yes, caltrops, my favorite way to protect forests.