Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26
A coyote attacked my two dogs this morning. I ran to assist, pulled my Glock 26 and shot the coyote. Will follow the blood trail and try to locate the carcass.
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  • M Johnson
    M Johnson

    People who think that nature is just butterflies and soothing sounds haven’t spent much time in nature.

  • Bill MacDonald
    Bill MacDonald

    I know this is an older video... but it's a great reminder of what happens to your body when intense things occur. You can almost see the adrenaline in Cody's face... you can definitely hear the adrenaline in his voice.

  • Chris Davidson
    Chris Davidson

    I don’t think this has so many dislikes because he shot the coyote, but because it doesn’t show him shooting the coyote

  • Dennis Kautz
    Dennis Kautz

    Givin’ the dog some love! A good dog is beyond measure.

  • DirInc

    I can just see your dog is so loyal. Would be devastating to loose a good pupper like that.

  • cpubugs

    It's hard to believe this was 7 years ago... This was the first video of yours I watched and I still watch weekly!!! Thank you for your GODLY wisdom and daily encouragement.

  • Tara Leone
    Tara Leone

    So, all the people against this are saying they would just stand there and watch as their pets get ripped apart? Hmmm.... sounds like animal cruelty, doesn't it?

  • Jacob Shepherd
    Jacob Shepherd

    Crazy to think this was the first video of yours I watched. Doesn’t seem like it’s been 5 years, but I has. Thanks for all the great content over the last 5 years!

  • Alex Buch
    Alex Buch

    The way I see it every animal has a right to live somewhere but if something attacks your family/dogs shooting it is the best you can do, I appreciate you sharing this with us! Great reminder to carry some kind of a force multiplier all the time!

  • Marjen Sales
    Marjen Sales

    Coincidentally, I own two dogs, a Glock 26, and a large property. All I can say is, great shot.

  • ChevyMan#1

    Amen brother I’ve never understood some that think they can go out without any weapon to protect themselves and there’s NO reason to apologize if there’s people watching this that doesn’t like your handling of the situation protecting your dogs and family then their watching the wrong channel...bravo!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Cory Erickson
    Cory Erickson

    As someone who grew up in the woods owning a pistol isn't really about protecting yourself from people it's more about protecting your loved ones from a wild animals, from firsthand experience I've lost two dogs from coyotes and wolves.

  • Aussie Shooter
    Aussie Shooter

    13,000 dislikes? Unbelievable. Good job protecting your dogs and family mate, I would of done the same. I hope your girl enjoyed her steak...

  • L Krueger
    L Krueger

    This event indicates what most of us that were raised on the farm, already knew. The people who seem to have a problem with this, have never been attacked by a wild animal. Once the animal engages you better be ready. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cheri Fouts
    Cheri Fouts

    I’m proud of you! Do what you have to do. The objections come from folks with NO knowledge of what you deal with on the day to day! Keep protecting your animals, your family, your home. Great job! -Ken’s wife

  • Kinnear Rogues
    Kinnear Rogues

    Good job mate, for a small dog it is amazing how battle ready a collie is. They have heart!

  • David Ahern
    David Ahern

    Good man! Excellent job defending you family, yes I count my dogs as family too!

  • Charles Greene
    Charles Greene

    By his description of the coyote's behavior taking on 2 dogs, it may be rabid.

  • Xizithei

    Ignore the haters, man. You made the right call; it is apparent that they've never encountered coyotes before, so they think they have the temperament of an unhappy dog, and that just isn't the case.

  • jeremy jensen
    jeremy jensen

    75' shot with a hand gun, accelerated breathing and you hit a target as small as a coyote? That's a damn fine shot. Anyone who says that would be an easy shot has either never fired a handgun or is very experienced and I doubt the rascal was sitting still. Loved this video IRglo up yours