The first ever stump rocket cube.
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نظر: 6 174
  • Dalton Kasinger
    Dalton Kasinger

    My guess is 58 hours. I also wanted to say it's interesting how musical that kiln dried fir sounded as you were splitting it for kindling. It reminded me of a wooden xylophone that I used to play back in elementary school.

  • James Congdon
    James Congdon

    I like how impressed your wife was. Impressing your wife is an important part of manliness.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee

    The plunge cuts are impressive! Didn't know that was possible.

  • Taylor Branyan
    Taylor Branyan

    I love the curiosity and sense adventure in this video. To answer the question about the "square cylinder," it's called a rectangular prism. You, sir, have earned yourself a subscriber.

  • Slinky

    The footage quality is above and beyond on point! 👍👍👍

  • Alfonso Alonzo
    Alfonso Alonzo

    Some say the stump is still self fueling to this very day

  • Lochlann13

    Cody, the cinematography in your videos always blows me away. Thanks for putting so much effort into your content!

  • Biggins McSauce
    Biggins McSauce

    Excellent use of drone footage during the chainsawing portions of your filming; I always appreciate videos that consider the safety of the video-person/crew, very smart.

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D

    You're the man. Appreciate all the videos. As a 23 year old professional stuck in the most modern of lifestyle's you inspire a sense of independence and traditionalism i aspire to achieve one day. Keep em coming!

  • Drew Ivey
    Drew Ivey

    This is awesome. So soothing to watch the work In Slo-mo. Enjoy the commentary as well, you’re like the Mr. Rogers of woodcraft!

  • Cassis 101
    Cassis 101

    I too was interested in the temperature of the outside. Spent a day with my kid watching and helping pros in Switzerland working with chain saws and all the other equipment. Safety seems to dominate how they work. It is good to use equipment that does not tolerate mistakes. Good vid.

  • Nate

    One of the few channels that has the type of content he does with such good production and content.

  • Stephanie Walsh
    Stephanie Walsh

    any one else confused why he didn't use the all the sawdust to start the fire

  • Kyle Juve
    Kyle Juve

    Absolutely love it! Never tried with such a beautiful stump, only rotten basswood. Thank you for the inspiration to achieve better.

  • Vic Mikes
    Vic Mikes

    Your constant giggle reminds us that you are happy and content with life and shows us not to take things too seriously. That is a video well worth watching if anything, just for that....................Keep smiling at the world and it will smile back.

  • litewatefitr

    This is rad. I removed a similar stump in Swedish torch fashion.....burned for days, but cleared out everything, including the roots. Thanks for the video, man!

  • Nicholas Cox
    Nicholas Cox

    It would be a blast to just spend a week or 3 doing woodsman stuff like this :)

  • James Clendenen
    James Clendenen

    I would Love to see a video of how you make your branch crayons!! :) Thank You for your great videos Mr. Wranglerstar!!

  • Gunny Z
    Gunny Z

    My wife and I enjoy the banter between you and Mrs. Wranglerstar. "Oh my gosh. What is he up to now?" Then "Hey! this is really neat." Mostly how you two do things together. The love and laughter reminds us of how blessed our families are. Thank you. Gunny Z.

  • Gareth Wiltshire
    Gareth Wiltshire

    Thank you for sharing. It took a lot of time effort and equipment to demo this ,thank you. I like the part where you mention your grand dad. Your a good man . Pleasure to watch ,thank you .