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نظر: 1 517
  • Matthias Thulman
    Matthias Thulman

    This should be a series you do occasionally. Absolutely brilliant 😀

  • AirEnthusiast

    Absolutely. You can never have too many Loctite cap holders around the perimeter of your property.

  • trevor francis
    trevor francis

    You could also take some lightweight chain and link about 20 locktite cap holders together in 6 inch increments. That way when you're working on your driveway you've got cap holders the entire width and when you're done or need to move down the road you can grab all of them at once.

  • Ignorance

    I like hollow steel pipe. Thick wall but enough inner diameter so that any residual locktite in the cap can drain out quickly. As others have mentioned, tying a bunch together with something like a chain means that a wide area can be covered and cleaned up quickly.

  • patriots1needed

    I keep my loctite holders welded to a piece of steel rope so I can easily take them quickly from one shelf to another very quickly. They lay down very quickly across my workshop floor so I can pick which cap to use.

  • Sandra's Freezerburnt Arctic Roll
    Sandra's Freezerburnt Arctic Roll

    If you use them loose, remember to make a note of how many you have out so you don't forget that last cap holder in the longer grass. Magnetic brooms (big bar magnet with wheels) makes cleanup quick.

  • Sheldon F
    Sheldon F

    These would be great for refinishing cabinet doors and the like. The sharp point will keep missed paint marks to a minimum while the paint or varnish dries. Definately good to have. Like they always say "A woodworker can never have too many clamps". Same is true for this. Great idea! Thanks!

  • La Buĉisto
    La Buĉisto

    OMG Cody, this was maybe my favorite video you've ever made. The main reason I watch you is for you intelligence (rare these days) and all your Dad and Grandad stories are so similar to mine in every way. Even though I'm a Texan and we have different operations, industry and way of life, I realllllllly "feel" your videos' message(s).

  • Bill LaBrie
    Bill LaBrie

    I got excited and made about a hundred of them. I had no place to keep them so I welded up a small tub I mounted under the back floor of my Yukon, where the spare tire used to be. Since I like being handy, I rigged a quick release I can remotely activate from the driver’s seat. Just for convenience, y’know?


    You could make some from steel brake lines. That way if the lock tight lid had any air trapped inside it could escape really quickly.

  • Pete Ratos
    Pete Ratos

    That was great!! About a min out from the end my son yells” it’s one of those horses stoped things!” I’m glad Cody explained what it really is to us. Kids these days.

  • GLG Forgeworks
    GLG Forgeworks

    It would probably be good to have a handful already made. They also make great corn cob holders for fall decorations

  • iracduncan

    You Sir, are a craftsman.

  • uncleben03

    I've been in search for that one gift that's perfect for every proho with a shop, garage or workspace to organize all those pesky lids while you're engaged in work with them. This might be my favorite video on solving those kinds of problems with creativity, and I can't wait to implement this time and space saving device. What a relief!

  • Roger III
    Roger III

    What a great video. If only I had a welder. I'm so glad IRglo recommended you. I really like the old tool segments. What a collection you must have!

  • VloggingWithVinny

    I’ve been watching you for the past few years now, maybe more because time flys.

  • Ian Fry
    Ian Fry

    I have 137 Loctite bottles and this metal working tip will really help me hold those troublesome caps right where I need them. A bucket full of them could be ready to use in seconds. Thanks Wrangler Star ⭐️

  • 14DFASniper

    +1 I hear ya, every home owner needs cap holders for projects around the house or while traveling to hold those pesky caps in place. We all hate losing loctite caps so best be organized and have them ready in case you need them. I like the idea of modularlarity - maybe a mix of those free ones for small projects and some on a rope for the bigger projects.

  • Scott Markowitz
    Scott Markowitz

    My loctite cap collection has never been so organized!

  • Tappy

    Oh me oh my! What a wonderful cap holder, I've been using an old key I ground to a point to hold my caps up until now, but that definitely has it's disadvantages to this! Thank you for showing us this, I think I'll make as many of these as I can and spread them around so I can always set down a cap!