How the US forest service sharpens an AXE Wranglerstar Professional homeowner
How to sharpen an AXE like the US Forest Service Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner

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  • Wranglerstar

    Wranglerstar's Favorite AxE Stone

  • BigJimCrimeboss

    Maybe he's not foreshadowing impending doom. Perhaps, he thinks it's just important to be self sufficient and not reliant on someone else? Better to know how to take care of yourself and not need to then the opposite.

  • Christopher Navoni
    Christopher Navoni

    I love all your subtle hints the world is falling apart in most your videos

  • chris Z
    chris Z

    So fun and informative and then at the end, impending doom.

  • James McVann
    James McVann

    Love the undertones of societal collapse he always adds into these.

  • Sam Mc
    Sam Mc

    You should bring out a book about all those useful topics. I would definitely buy it 👍🏻

  • Null Moore
    Null Moore

    "These tools will be more important that you know"

  • Life With Us 4
    Life With Us 4

    Lately this guy has been predicting the future…hinting at a return to self reliance. ❤

  • pastale The sansper
    pastale The sansper

    I love this guy but lately it's beginning to become odd that he says ominous things at the end , suddenly goes silent in the end and the somber way he says how important these tools are gonna become. 😅

  • Gregg Mouritzen
    Gregg Mouritzen

    Most of the people I knew in the Forrest Service, just used the file. I saw few that went further than that.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    Everytime he ends a video with this is going to be more important than you know or something like that it always makes me think what do you know about what is coming in the near future.

  • The Lucas Higgins
    The Lucas Higgins

    Why so much foreshadowing

  • Tom Evans
    Tom Evans

    My last stitches was from fitting a new handle on an axe. First tape the blade😂 I fear he’s right about needing one

  • Monke Mind
    Monke Mind

    This man knows something we don't.

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith

    It’s amazing how sharp you can get an axe. Can you please give us some axes that you personally recommend?

  • Shane Cateriny
    Shane Cateriny

    I think this man knows what’s about to happen

  • E10

    Thank you for instilling fear within my heart, I will be on the lookout for a good axe and other stuff I can use for self reliance 😶👍🏻

  • johny D smithson
    johny D smithson

    Have no idea how much I want to buy this man a couple beers. What you're doing is God's work. While Garand Thumb is teaching us to fight and escape, Wranglerstar is tag teaming with survival and daily life advice. Most of our time, regardless of what will happen, we'll be acting not as warriors, but as husbands and fathers. Stewart's of our community and land. The daily logistics of our life is just as important to be successful warriors for when our families are under threat and a fight is last option.

  • stoney grower
    stoney grower

    Ive always said we need to practice old traditions and keep them alive just in case and its just good knowledge, all it takes is just one good EMP from the sun and BAM alot of people are in the dark.

  • warryen

    "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." - Abraham Lincoln