How To Build A Shop like a PRO Episode 3
How to build a shop like a Professional Homeowner. Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner

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  • Mr Greg
    Mr Greg

    Waking up early was one of the top things I did to improve my station in life. To make it an easier transition, set your alarm 15 minutes early every week. In a matter of months, you are up before the sun and never feel like you have made a big change.

  • John Dunbar
    John Dunbar

    It's all about perspective, when we talk about time. I've been the guy who gets up at

  • ColonelK0rn

    Don't be so down on yourself about those early hours the younger guys keep. You've earned the right to sleep in, and enjoy your coffee with Mrs. W in the mornings. I don't miss having to run to work, and stay there all day away from my family, and in a decade or so of work later, wonder where all the time I spent went. It was making someone else money, while I traded my time away from my family to do so. You've earned it.

  • Lonnie Smith
    Lonnie Smith

    We have a program similar to what you described in Western NC through the Soil and Water Conservation Board. They come out and survey, make the prescribed plan, and line up certified/ state approved contractors to do the work. I worked for one of the contractors several years ago setting rock formations called J-hooks and Veins in certain places in the stream. It's amazing to go back and look at today. The bank's of the stream have withstood several severe floods. The water follows the exact path it did 15 years ago. As a bonus there is more fish habitat than before the work was done. Great video and looking forward to seeing the new show!

  • TheStrivering

    You should put hydro radiant heated floors. (Basically pex tubing tied on top of rebar that runs up a wall to a water heater. You pour concrete over it.) I did that for my workshop. It's really great. Warm floors. Good heat in the building and no dust flying around from the vents.

  • Dividend Journey
    Dividend Journey

    Loved the video, Cody! As always! That shops coming right along, and as for the stream and erosion I'd recommend lots of aggressive rooted/water trees and shrubs. Such as willow,maple, though I'd stay away from alder as it's short lived and does poorly at keeping soil together. The rocks and mesh wiring techniques would work too. Lots of ideas, but hey if the government will pay for it let them lol! Better than some things spent no doubt!

  • dARTh Como
    dARTh Como

    I just gota say I love your content and you do inspire people so yes don't get lazy but definitely don't become discouraged

  • Krankie V
    Krankie V

    I'm not sure I could ever use the word "Lazy" to describe this man. There's always a project going on!

  • Rick Allman
    Rick Allman

    Cody you need to line the curve in your river with some boulders, then large rocks, then smaller rocks with some heavy mesh wire screens. That will help against erosion. Gravity & friction always win! I should have waited till end of video to post this! Lol! Also some heated floors for shop before pour!

  • Jason Hill
    Jason Hill

    Not sure I've seen a building that small with piers that big. Looks like maybe 4x4 or so. Should be very stable! Nice!

  • Michael Sharp
    Michael Sharp

    Essential craftsman would be proud of that form work.

  • Hansang Bae
    Hansang Bae

    It's been fun binge watching. I've watched some videos over the years, but lately, it's more of a binge watch. :)

  • Gabe Lakey
    Gabe Lakey

    Having updates of your goings are always appreciated. While I do love your attention to detail, videography and editing, the off-the-cuff iPhone videos are well received. Thank you sir, and God bless!

  • JoshHefnerX

    A time-lapse of the construction would be pretty awesome to see

  • Dr. Kim Lee Su
    Dr. Kim Lee Su

    Cody….ProHo 🤣…. love you brother. May God Bless you and yours, you remind me that there is still good men, fathers and husband out there. As a young husband and father myself, I try not to get so down. Thank you. 🇺🇸

  • Michael Granger
    Michael Granger

    That rebar gives me the fizz. And I really hate doing concrete work. Hats off to the folks that do it well.

  • SierraKilo76

    Hey Cody!

  • Beerenmüsli

    You should look into permeable waterstairs to slow down the flow of the stream a little, they offer great benefits far beyond errosion prevention. The lowest fish-permable-point of the river isnt moved up with that kind of structure. When considering how much you get done, keep in Mind how much valueable information about tools you are making accesible online for us all.

  • Prewitt Homestead
    Prewitt Homestead

    Thanks for allowing us to really put a critical eye on who you are and how you calculate "good." Then I have to look at myself. Not much difference.

  • Papa Ducky
    Papa Ducky

    I also would like to hear about what went down to get you shop built, and why the location was changed.