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  • Cameron Stevenson
    Cameron Stevenson

    My secondary school used workbenches like this, honestly you'd never lose tools and it just makes sense

  • Jargo Bordine
    Jargo Bordine

    My dads wisdom: “wear shoes and you won’t stub your toe”

  • DualXSurvival

    Nothing has made me more worried than the casual 180 that he pulled from a wholesome interesting fact to "be prepared."

  • Mr. Parker
    Mr. Parker

    I feel like every short gets closer and closer to him telling us he’s starting the end of the world, and we’re getting tips to survive it

  • Lovely Scrub Gaming
    Lovely Scrub Gaming

    I love the idea of taking good old fashion ingenuity and integrating it into today's practices. Thanks for another solid upload! 👍

  • Fred H
    Fred H

    my school's woodwork building had at least 20 benches like this, people just thought they were built weird. well, now I know what the recess was for. better late than never. Great channel Wranglerstar

  • Justice Miller
    Justice Miller

    I love how he is barefoot in the shop all the time🤣

  • Martin Neumann
    Martin Neumann

    I know what you are talking about. My father was an old school carpenter who didn’t knew how to use a pocket calculator. With a table book, a piece of board and a pencil he created stairs you cannot imagine. Greetings from Germany - Martin

  • benny ruff
    benny ruff

    The amount of knowledge I've learned from this channel, you need more than my like 👍

  • FireEMT68

    Well looks like I have a new project. Thanks man

  • David Gereg
    David Gereg

    Yeah, I’m gonna need those plans.

  • chris maytum
    chris maytum

    Shoot most people couldn't even go into their shop without shoes on let alone have that much clear space lol

  • billbobaggins bonham
    billbobaggins bonham

    Yep I agree! And our fathers and his fathers put (shoes) on building anything.

  • elemze56

    Dude, yes. Training from history! Awesome stuff!

  • jackbrightside

    "we might have need of them before we know" wranglerstar trying to prepare us for the hardship ahead, I hope we all hear what he's saying

  • Austin Prudhomme
    Austin Prudhomme

    “We might have need of them before we know”

  • Afternoon Doggo
    Afternoon Doggo

    My grandpa was everything to me and i got to learn so much from him in the past year thank you abuelo and thanks for your service in Korea

  • Point Nemo
    Point Nemo

    Just casually drops a "the modern world is melting down" warning at the end there🤣👍

  • Bobby Rickter
    Bobby Rickter

    Love the short videos ☺️ 👍 Wrangler star

  • greeenmartian

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that is in the shop barefoot!