Can A Knife Be Too Sharp??
In today's vlog I'll test the off-grid butter knife shaver. Shaving with a butter knife is not exactly routine. This is not the dollar shave club. Stay tuned for future family vlogs.
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  • Kyle Stapleton
    Kyle Stapleton

    You showed that you can make a butter knife razor sharp, but you didn't show us/explain if a knife can get too sharp.

  • Original American
    Original American

    I need that knife sharpening setup in my life.

  • Shane_P

    I can't help but wonder how many random things lying around now have a razor edge on them after Cody got that sharpener just because he wanted to play with it lol.

  • bushputz

    "Damn - that's a nasty scar. How'd you do that?"

  • flapadoda whitewoods
    flapadoda whitewoods

    This was very well paced and edited. Who knew such a weird subject could be so interesting?

  • Héctor Galván
    Héctor Galván

    I love how the shaving rhythm goes perfectly with the song in the background

  • MIgardener

    I would love to see you turn this into a series. Have people submit things for you to sharpen to see if you can shave with it. Here are some ideas just in case you consider this idea.

  • Jimmy Allen
    Jimmy Allen

    Your videos are nice man, my grandpa taught me to sharpen my first knife at 6 years old. Now I been sharpening blades for 23 years.

  • Beelzibubbles

    My favourite knife growing up was a butter knife that I think my dad (an engineer and toolmaker) had sharpened to the point where you could cut just about anything with it. Though mother somehow managed to burn and snap part of the end off while making a corset.

  • Jesse C
    Jesse C

    I really like those "rocker blade" type pizza cutters, they're typically 14" long or so, have a handle along one entire side and a curved "blade", but they come VERY dull. Often times you have to push really hard to get it through a pizza, so I took and sharpened the thing as best as I could. It was almost sharp enough to shave with actually, and now it cuts through pizza with ease. I'm actually thinking I need to watch a few videos on tempering, then it'd actually retain that edge or even be able to become sharper than I can currently get it.

  • Jaddie, Becky, & Max Dodd
    Jaddie, Becky, & Max Dodd

    Impressive! The controlled angle of sharpening is impressive, too.

  • Butterbros23445

    " hey dude why is some hair on your arm missing "

  • Jeanette & D Human
    Jeanette & D Human

    I knew you could put an edge on it, the question is how long will it hold?

  • Neon Nightfall
    Neon Nightfall

    Table/Butter... it doesn't matter. It's now a razor. End of story. Amazing video Wrangle. I would love to see kore unconventional things done like this. Please keep up the good work. Imma browse your channel.

  • Casey Paiz
    Casey Paiz

    Brilliant video! That's the type of sharpening setup that I didn't know existed, but that I've always wanted.

  • Rick Therrien
    Rick Therrien

    Damn I had the same butter knifes as that when I was young.

  • GpD79

    At the risk of sounding like the most dweebish novice, that sharpening contraption you're using is really neat! I've never seen anything like that before.

  • Tommy Ohlrich
    Tommy Ohlrich

    My grandmothers silverware set has a set of butter knives in it that have been razor sharp for like years. I think they used to be ALOT sharper back in the day.

  • Keana Dianne
    Keana Dianne

    What does seeing if you can shave with a butter knife have to do with whether or not a knife can be too sharp

  • K0ester

    Good video! People always wonder why I have missing patches of hair on my arms and legs. Super easy way to check if my knives are sharp.