Testing Cheap V.S. Expensive Wrenches On AMAZON
Testing Cheap V.S. Expensive Wrenches On AMAZON
Great new! This S&K Wrench Just Went On Sale * * * goo.gl/igMEgW * * *
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  • Wranglerstar

    Great new! This S&K Wrench Just Went On Sale * * *

  • Charles Kinzer
    Charles Kinzer

    As an electronics technician in the Navy we didn't have a lot of larger tools in our shop. So we borrowed them from the "IC communications" group who were more like electricians and had tool cage where you could check out tools. A warrant officer was in charge of that department and thought electronics technicians didn't know anything about tools and insisted they as for a tool by its exact proper name. I liked messing with him. So one day I went to the tool cage when he was nearby and said "I need to borrow a wrench.". He says, "What kind, open end, box, adjustable end? What size?" I said, "It doesn't matter, I'm going to use it as a hammer anyway."

  • Maxx Life
    Maxx Life

    My biggest test for crescent wrenches are seeing how well they stay at their setpoint while in use.

  • Fixed Focus Media
    Fixed Focus Media

    I found that usually spending the money on quality stuff is the way to go. It works better and never fails plus it is way more fun to use quality tools instead of cheap ones. Great video as always!

  • Max Corey
    Max Corey

    Been a mechanic for sixty years. Used and tried every tool imaginable and of every make and brand. For certain things you need the very best no matter the cost. For others, cheaper tools work just fine. I have broken just as many Snap-on and MAC sockets as the cheap ones however. Sometimes it is luck.

  • Bob Karol
    Bob Karol

    If a cresent wrench is turned in the opposite direction as advised in the video, it will stress the movable, weaker jaw far less, due to the lack of leverage of the resistance of the bolt being turned. The video clearly shows that. I suggest testing another wrench in the opposite direction to determine the difference in strength.

  • Brad

    How about a $35 us vs $35 Chinese wrench test?

  • ben tackett
    ben tackett

    I've found high quality vintage tools like Crescent wrenches at a garage sale or Estate sale or auction that have already lasted a lifetime or two for a quarter. I cherish those too! 🙂

  • Justin

    I buy the cheap tools first, and I only buy quality for the stuff that actually ends up getting used often enough to ever end up breaking.

  • CleaveMountaineering

    Whenever I pick up my Klein 12" adjustable spud wrench, it just feels really really good, $20 at an antique store and worth every penny.

  • Astral

    Honestly just seeing the grip strength on that crescent has convinced me to buy a solid quality crescent, I was firmly in the camp that crescent wrenches could only ever round a bolt, but turns out I had just never seen a quality crescent wrench. For a catch all tool I definitely think going high quality is the way to go.

  • Rile Drive
    Rile Drive

    I have always said: “I am not that rich to buy the same thing twice”. But nowadays even NA/Euro made stuff are becoming a bit fishy so keep your eyes open. Great review!

  • Robert Hamrick
    Robert Hamrick

    I really appreciate your channel. You have introduced me to new tools I haven't seen before.

  • Brad Nimbus
    Brad Nimbus

    The pride and joy of my collection is an ancient 10'' AT-110 Crescent manufactured in Jamestown, N.Y. I found it on an old Aboriginal reserve while erecting portable car ports. I pulled it from the ground and used it for the rest of the job. That wrench spent a minimum of 60 years (at least) underground and worked just like new! Thank you for the upload but it always saddens me to see tools destroyed

  • Bryan Jones
    Bryan Jones

    This is hilarious. I (jokingly) love breaking tools too. Right now I have my truck tire sitting on a 4-ft pipe wrench and a 3-ft pipe wrench with a 7-ft cheater pipe, having a heck of a time trying to take a ram apart. Nice video thank you

  • R ch
    R ch

    Crescent wrenches are good for bending/straightening out stuff too. The hole on the end as well. This is what i mainly use them for anymore. So spot on with the feeling of a good tool. After a few yers of wanting Snap-On wrenches i eventually broke down 1 winter and bought a Metric and SAE set. They just feel so good.

  • Jon Raven
    Jon Raven

    Interestingly, I bought a bunch of Fiskars gear lately that turned out to be just as shitty as cheap stuff... pick axe, splitting axe, and hatched. The metal is no where near as strong as it should be... all 3 dented within minutes, NOT being abused. And they were EXPENSIVE Finnish made tools, and I've found them to be no better than mid range priced stuff say for half the cost. China does make a lot of our expensive quality products too (iphones, toyota auto plants, high end sneakers etc).

  • Mister Alias
    Mister Alias

    From and engineering standpoint, that $35 is well spent. That wrench is impressively strong. To beat a vice of that size is more difficult than one may think. I’ll be buying tools from those guys from now on. Thank you for this video. I’ll be watching more, subbing before I do anything else.

  • Isaiah Spinney
    Isaiah Spinney

    Just bought an entire tool kit made by crescent and I don’t even know where they were made but I’ve never been impressed by the thoughtfulness and neatness of just simple tools, and I’ve never been happier

  • tom thumb
    tom thumb

    The first test should be checking the hardness of the steel , that will tell you why it fails in most cases, good looking but doesn't perform.