Today's vlog this was a bad idea and could have went wrong. Do not try to fell a tree with a high lift jack.
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  • SuburbanHobbyist

    You see, that's what I like about you Cody, you generally show your mistakes which is honest and makes for much better videos. Not to mention it helps all of us avoid making the same mistake.

  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag

    Many problems with this;

  • jon palange
    jon palange

    Excellent example of letting others learn from our own mistakes. Thanks Mr. W, always something valuable to learn from you. I've gained a new level of respect for my tools watching you. Keep up the great videos and stay safe!

  • The Smack Daddy
    The Smack Daddy

    I can't believe he let us watch him lose all common sense like that. That tree is probably still standing there. The only thing that fell was me laughing

  • EdFlecker1

    Thank you Cody for your willingness to share mistakes for learning's sake. Equal parts Humility and Hubris make for a balanced outlook. I broke a high lift pulling a stump once. I neglected to sever enough roots on the target item. You do reliably excellent work for us t enjoy and learn from. One mistake where nobody gets hurt will never be a waste. we all need to remain teachable. Thanks again and I am glad you're safe.

  • Brucer Ducer
    Brucer Ducer

    Good video from Wranglerstar as usual. What I learned from this, as far as the use of a jack is to not try to exert maxim force all at once. Instead, a person should go easy, and gradually apply pressure and "persuade" the tree to lean. This keeps the feller within safe parameters. Good job. Sorry about the jack.

  • arboristBlairGlenn

    I appreciate your effort and honesty here. Just the fact that you started "old school" on this removal is impressive. I must admit, I have never tried with just hand tools but have the world of respect for the old loggers. Maybe I will!

  • bain5872

    Loved the fiddle music. Fit the theme very well! It takes a truly honest person to not only admit to their mistake but to then video it and show it to the public as well. Humbleness is an attribute but of the few and my heart rejoices when I see it taken root in someones heart. The fruit shall be sweet Wranglerstar! Admirable.

  • Schy Mark
    Schy Mark

    Your honesty is refreshing!Thank you for showing what was not a great idea and for not getting all busted up doing it wrong.I respect your effort and honesty!

  • Nathan Jennings
    Nathan Jennings

    Your videos are extremely educational and helpful to learn new skills from a Canadian that knows what he is doing

  • JuBlaine

    Sorry about your jack Cody!! Thanks for keeping it real and showing us the whole story!

  • Kai Moravia
    Kai Moravia

    Whatever one can come with of comments , it it great to see a man so positive to what he is doing and enthusiastic about the next new thing he is trying . Also even when ranting , he will do so in the friendliest way . Seen from the woods here in Norway this proram allways put a smile on my lips , a friendly smile !

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter

    Here's a tip: Never park your truck within the radius of the tree fall. To be safe keep your truck two radii away.

  • Lochlann13

    I don't mind the vlog-style videos, but this is the stuff that I really love. Thanks Cody!

  • Walter Laughlin
    Walter Laughlin

    Hello Cody, one of the things that I really enjoyed about your channels that's wanted to and Jacks channel is that you are all honest enough and have enough integrity to admit when you make a mistake that is so cool! My grandfather was a lumberjack and he taught me a lot of things and I've never heard of using a bottle Jack to fell a tree, but now that I have, it makes sense. He taught me the used ropes and a winch! I look forward to the final video and when you use the bottle jack and fell the tree you have a nice and safe day sir.

  • bxxj

    I love that he parked his truck 20 feet away and 30 degrees off the intended fall direction. Hope he has good hiking shoes on.

  • hermitld

    Thanks for telling it like it was, sometimes tools try and tell us when they are not suited for the task at hand. Great video .

  • opethfeldt

    "Tools and techniques from 100 years ago."

  • shade38211

    Have pulled 36" dia red oaks back from 15% tilts with come along and pulley and few prusik tethers. The higher you attach the pulling rope = the safer and easier it is. Wedges and extra guide rope is usually a real safe bet. Playing with any tree in wind escalates the risk factor huge, learned hard way on that one.

  • Joseph Barbiuto
    Joseph Barbiuto

    the anticipation for this tree to fall is rather daunting :D but keep up with the good work Cody, love the videos you make that are in a series, much greater content in the long run!