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Wranglerstar Professional homeowner

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  • Jurgen Lamaj
    Jurgen Lamaj

    Long story short the Italians knew the axis was beginning to lose the war and they switched sides...

  • john doe
    john doe

    That bit about a progressive man knowing when to double back just earned my subscription

  • Dylan Vickers
    Dylan Vickers

    My guy means “progressive” the same way Theodore Roosevelt meant “progressive” as in “dedicated to making progress and improving”

  • flyinb45

    I wish more people could leave the “pot committed, all in” mentality on bad ideas behind. Folks fall into these categories in all walks of life and it ultimately leads to a lot of closed minded one track individuals.

  • Ty_Braek

    Turning 180 and taking a forward step is not the same as going backwards.

  • M

    Love the story. FYI Egypt is in Africa. Not "or".

  • Joe Lary
    Joe Lary

    I needed this today ! Some Days just having a random bit of knowledge from a friendly source is all you need to realize it's time to turn àround and get straight again

  • Saltedslug

    It was definitely not for some moral high horse… they pulled the oldest trick in the book 💀

  • danteelite

    As my old Sensei used to say…

  • mm321706

    All around what I needed to hear. Thank you my friend 🙏

  • kevin nelson
    kevin nelson

    I am in blood

  • Someone said War ??
    Someone said War ??

    Been having a rough week trying to make a decision on something and you just took a heavy load off my shoulders


    People need to hear this message more than ever right now. It's almost like we're in a group that's all tied together heading down the wrong path, but unfortunately we can't get enough people to turn around with us. Maybe because they don't wan't to be wrong and admit that they were lead astray, or because the path we're on is a steep downhill slope and people are scared to turn and go back up. Hopefully people figure it out before it's too late to go back up and they inadvertently pull everyone else down with them.

  • J MO
    J MO

    This man is just wonderful. Wisdom for all of us men out here trying to be professional home owners. And the little hidden knowledge bits he has been dropping. You sir are one of the reasons I can still enjoy IRglo. 😁

  • Kevin Broderick
    Kevin Broderick

    Gordon Freeman is one wise dude. Black Mesa forever!

  • Mike Jurnak
    Mike Jurnak

    "Doubles back" got me in the feels ✌🏻

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia

    I really enjoy all of your topics from this and all the really cool tools you show that I've never heard of

  • Rust rug skin
    Rust rug skin

    Damn, I needed this.

  • Tim Carter
    Tim Carter

    Great story. And very true about turning around and changing your path. Thank you for this.

  • testing 123
    testing 123

    ok that quote at the end is gonna stick with me