Who Builds The Best Axe? You'll Be Surprised
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Can a $40 axe cut and split wood as well as a $300 axe? Today Wranglerstar puts three axes to the ultimate test. You may be surprised who comes out on top. The three contenders are the Estwing camp axe, Gransfors Bruks small forest axe, and the Autine polished hunters axe by John Neeman.
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  • Alberta303shooter

    I've had the Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe for 15 years and it is great. The best axe in its size range and easily my favourite 'pack' axe.

  • Roadkill Bingo
    Roadkill Bingo

    Great review. Even though the estwing performed the worst, I think I'm still going to buy one. The price and the durability from the singular steel build put it over the top. I can put in the extra effort for my small number of jobs.

  • Stuart Johns
    Stuart Johns

    They call him lightning because he never hits the same place twice.

  • Daniel Goodson
    Daniel Goodson

    Estwing has my vote. Started with their Geologist hammer in 1968. Still have and use it. Never let me down.

  • ZenSpider40

    I have had my Estwing for over 20 years and it's had some hard use. The blade is quite a bit shorter now than new. It's kinda improved with age.

  • Jeff Stanley
    Jeff Stanley

    No excuse for a loose handle in that price range.

  • hphma

    Alright, here's my experience and thoughts. I have been working in the woods since I was knee high to my Dad, and have been heating my house with wood for nearly 40 years so I know some about axes. The first thing is that axes are not intended to be used as splitting tools. They can be used as such but that shouldn't be there major function. When you do use an axe for occasional splitting, after the first strike and the axe sticks without completely parting the wood, the axe should be turned to allow the back side to strike the block on the succeeding swings. This works much better than continuing to strike the wood on the block. I noticed that the high end axe doesn't allow for this with it having a rounded back side. As far as the ability to cut there wasn't a huge surprise, it's like comparing a Pinto to a Cadillac, you get (typically) what you pay for.

  • Morgan Hill
    Morgan Hill

    I have purchased around 14 of those Estwing axes and I find that they are ideal for me. I only use them for cutting so I have not experienced any of the splitting difficulties. One thing that he didn't mention is that the Estwing has a full metal handle, meaning that you don't have to worry about the wood handle coming loose on you in the field. I have one that has a slight backward curve in it but it is almost 10 years old. The Estwing axe head is also the longest, as he mentioned which isn't good for spitting but is great for cutting. That also means you can get more sharpens out of it but be mindful of not going too far and making it dangerous... Estwing all the way for the common guy or occasional woodsman, you really get your value out of them.

  • ThatSuaveRaptor

    Never heard of Autine before and from the looks of it I've not been missing out on much. The Autine is £230 as opposed to GB Small forest which is £73 here in Scotland. Really highlights what value is present in the Gransfors.

  • mlsknnr

    The best splitting axe that I ever used was a light weight fire axe, and I used to split about 12 to 15 cords of wood for winter every year! I currently use a double bit for splitting and I use a 2 1/2 pound Hudson Bay with a 20 to 24 inch handle for everything from chopping to building.

  • Daniel Davidson
    Daniel Davidson

    Can't thank you enough for this and all the rest of your videos. I found you through this axe review and have been watching you ever since. I bought the Gransfors American Felling axe and I love it. I take care of it with Linseed oil and keep it sharp just the way you taught me. God bless you, and keep up the good work.

  • Jeremy Darling
    Jeremy Darling

    I own the estwing 26 inch camp ax and it's amazing, full tang construction with tool steel. My dad also has one that he's had for 20 years and has never had to replace the handle.

  • phacker

    I just have to say, I'm not even in to axes but I love your videos. As entertaining and informative of Les Stroud in Survivorman. That said, the noises that Auntie makes in the 2 up 1 down test at around

  • aerodicus

    I've been pretty happy with my Council Tools 3.5lb Jersey axe, cuts well (after sharpening) and splits like a champ in the medium sized rounds but if you want to move quick splitting the big stuff just stick with a nice maul. I agree with you fully on the Estwig, I've had one a while now to use when I'm camping and it's just too narrow and light to split logs with, alright for cutting.

  • Mr. Sewell
    Mr. Sewell

    Great comparison testing. I am surprised that there was such a difference in the ease of use and cutting/wedging ability between the least and most expensive one. My natural inclination is to never buy the cheapest or the most expensive, but rather to find something in the middle range that comes from a reputable manufacturer. The points of comparison used were also very informative and have made me much more confident in my ability to choose a good working axe based on design, weight, and handle fitting method... Thank you for doing such an important field test for those of us who's quality of life and work is based in large part on the quality of our tools.

  • Last Name
    Last Name

    After all the bad pictures of the Husqvarna axes breaking in half due to bad forging practices, I chose to get the Gransfors Bruks Small Forest axe. I love quality things and believe in buying nice, not twice. This is my first axe ever and I'm 30 lol. Thanks for all your knowledge and help on making my decision. I'm confident it will last and do what I need.

  • jmbell6338

    I really enjoy these product reviews that you do. I wish you made more of them with knives and chainsaws and any other product. keep up the good work

  • Gungnir762

    The Gransfors Bruks Forest Axe I used this past summer for habitat work. I beat the blade cutting tree roots and stems. I also wrapped the handle toward the head with electrical tape to give the handle a touch of protection. I can see why many are fond of them. I'm looking to get a second one. This video did help guide me to the choice. Cheers.

  • Kyle Totte
    Kyle Totte

    You can even tell on the triple cut he swings harder with the autine. He really wanted the autine to win.

  • Zach Bowman
    Zach Bowman

    I'd love to see a comparison between the Autine and the GB American Felling Axe. The GB AFA is pretty impressive.