Why U.S. Forest Service Chainsaws Have Gun Sights - Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner
Why Elite U.S. Forest Serviced Chainsaws have gunsights Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner

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  • SpectreDM

    BRB. Putting a red dot on my chainsaw.

  • Black Bimmer
    Black Bimmer

    Brb, bouta go put some trijicon night sights on my chainsaw 😂

  • Medianoche

    looks at my chainsaw

  • axmajpayne

    Once again, this isn't a forest service thing. Most chainsaws have that.

  • TF Red
    TF Red

    Remember folks, when using your gunning sight. In the direction of felling, if your on the right side of the notch the tree will fall left of the sight. If your on the left then it'll fall to the right. You can be extremely accurate with the proper amount of practice

  • Todd Burrell
    Todd Burrell

    We always call these felling sights! Great video

  • Cowboy69FromHell

    The Gun sights are located on both sides and the top side too... Take a look!!!!!!!🧐👌 🤓👍

  • Dustin F
    Dustin F

    Notice how he said predict, because you never know what a tree might do.

  • Nicholas Cormier
    Nicholas Cormier

    That’s Not just a usfs thing. It comes on all professional saws

  • Mike Rhodes
    Mike Rhodes

    Most every saw has them! It’s not a wonderful idea that forest service came up with!😅

  • Adam Hartmann
    Adam Hartmann

    All the chainsaws I've ever used had sights, I don't think it's a USFS thing.

  • Boomer Taylor
    Boomer Taylor

    My dad tought me that trick years ago, he worked for forestry and fisheries in Seattle.

  • Lewis Clancy
    Lewis Clancy

    I always wondered how they felled in such a precise direction, a few degrees either way and boom that’s a house 😅

  • Will

    Nah, that's where you steady your rife when the Ents stop playing nice 😂

  • Greg Cooper
    Greg Cooper

    It goes all the way around 🤯

  • Sk0lzky

    Sounds like a good idea, now I gotta add one to mine and learn how to use this

  • oudonbail

    The volume knob on my radio also has a gun sight that aims toward the outer dial that indicates volume level. Genius

  • dayshon124

    *Someone in the replies

  • NAUI_Diver

    I learn so much from you,THANK YOU!!!

  • Paul Wolf
    Paul Wolf

    I would love to say great info, but then I thought of me having this knowledge and access to a chainsaw.