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  • Wranglerstar

    Wranglerstar's Lantern

  • Mareda Hafidh
    Mareda Hafidh

    I swear the endings of these get more and more eery

  • Dan Al
    Dan Al

    I am convinced the professional homeowner videos are guides for when society collapses and this man is preparing us

  • Geoffrey Tudor
    Geoffrey Tudor

    A Couple of lanterns....and a LOT of replacement mantles! Those lanterns are really bright, and a source of heat on a cold night as well.😉

  • Hhjk Fvbu
    Hhjk Fvbu

    Chuck Mcgill have been real quiet since this video

  • H Mager
    H Mager

    best practice is not to tighten down the ventilator nut. Back it off a bit so the porcelain doesn’t crack around the hole on the top when it heats up

  • Caddy Shack
    Caddy Shack

    Glad you found that filter, great story 👍

  • 50_Foot_Punch

    Technology Connections did an amazing pair of videos on the histories of these

  • Aaron Jimenez
    Aaron Jimenez

    You just brought me back to Paris Island with my mother casting our net at night to catch shrimp. Thanks for the pleasant flash back.

  • brad davenport
    brad davenport

    I've been Ice Fishing in Northern Minnesota with these lanterns for 30 years that's all I use for light and a little heat they work great!!

  • Ryan Kiesow
    Ryan Kiesow

    I'm from Northern Indiana and he it gets cold enough in the winter to fish through the ice I usually do. A couple of old Colemans in the shanty keeps it nice and warm

  • Trey Hart
    Trey Hart

    Those lanterns are fetching a premium on Amazon lately.. but they are awesome!

  • Epikus 2.0
    Epikus 2.0

    Btw, just a note of caution; dont grab the handle or the top cover if its been on for any length of time with the handle raised or you will have instant 3rd degree burns.

  • Agent Nero Cladius
    Agent Nero Cladius

    i remeber my family used to have one of these as a kid back when blackouts would occur in storm seasons, really nostalgic to know that these lanterns are still made

  • Johnny Tran
    Johnny Tran

    Did I see a iron heart tonal Western shirt? I see you went all in on the good denim LOL

  • Matt Clifton
    Matt Clifton

    I bought the Coleman lantern spark ignitor for my dual fuel Coleman lantern. Now I don't have to hunt for matches.

  • Mark Castro
    Mark Castro

    Pulling those lamps out is always sobering when it’s not for recreation. Thanks for the rundown IRglo dad 👍

  • Clint Littler
    Clint Littler

    I just might have an addiction to Coleman lanterns…

  • dtq7388

    Cody is talking my talk now! I have a garage full of Coleman lanterns and stoves of all sizes and number of burners

  • Jay F!
    Jay F!

    I didn’t know they made those! Thanks bud, I’ll put it on my Christmas list.