Wranglerstar live from Montana
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نظر: 78
  • Troy Dively
    Troy Dively

    It was awesome watching Mrs.W enjoying her drive smiling ear to ear while you was grabbing every bar you could find. Lol

  • marcmmclellan

    Thanks for keeping this up so we can watch after work!

  • Denny Fisher
    Denny Fisher

    I studied and did a report on Montana when I was in 5th grade. My dad was big into the National Geographic magazines and had me pick 1 a month to read. Montana was featured in 1 and it blew me away. Was always big into the outdoors thanks to my pap and Montana looks absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing Cody and Mrs. W !!!

  • BallisticAviation

    Holy crap I was literally just there doing the same thing! Had a great time with the new Pioneer 1000! That DCT is quite handy as well as the tow/haul mode!

  • Sean Donaghy
    Sean Donaghy

    Looks like a lot of fun really cool to see Stanley I'm an avid watcher of his videos tube too he does a lot of great leg work on what products are out there and allowing you to make a good decision on what would be best for you to invest in same reason why I watch your videos knowledge is power even in the small things the smallest thing can make the biggest difference on what you would or would not do what you should or should not do what you could and what you cannot do but given great options to how to make a good decision for yourself glad you had a great time awesome drive if possible work on your audio before you film there were times when like when Mrs W got out of the vehicle the first time her audio was the best it had been through the whole video

  • Benjamin H
    Benjamin H

    Awesome looks like lot of fun !!!!!

  • Eric Jorgensen
    Eric Jorgensen

    The road needs Stan to come through in his ASV and smooth the surface out and remove the rocks and stones.

  • Eric Jorgensen
    Eric Jorgensen

    OMG!! Dirt Monkey is with you! So Cool!

  • Weekend Stuff
    Weekend Stuff

    Looks like fun. But probably would be more fun without all the others ;-)

  • Brian Simonson
    Brian Simonson

    Love MT, West Kootenai here. Right on beautiful Lake Koocanusa. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  • Pam W
    Pam W

    That’s a beauty! What a rig!

  • Slyfox456

    It has a similar transmission to your newer ford truck, a dual clutch. Im not familiar with the honda dual clutch transmissions but theyre probably a lot better than the chevy and fords

  • John R
    John R

    Nice job god bless

  • siete97

    Love it! I live in Bozeman and would show you around if you are staying for a while

  • BadlandsNavy

    I wish I knew why Honda decided it was a good idea to regress back to Halogen headlamps as compared to LED. Now they are an accessory add-on available for purchase. Many manufacturers have just made them standard. Poor form Honda. That being said, I am getting one of these in October.

  • sizemorec1

    I guess letting the wife drive was in everyone’s best interest!

  • Rusty Barbacles
    Rusty Barbacles

    Enjoy the treasure state. I’m in red lodge. Love it here

  • Aiden Benson
    Aiden Benson

    Sounds like fun

  • A P
    A P

    In the 80s a good friend of mind worked for Honda in the marketing dept. He invited me to one of these events north of LA.

  • rj brown
    rj brown

    My grandfather was a old school man I'm a 4th generation Well Driller in upstate New York and he only bought American Made but he had Honda generators and Honda 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers. So just that in my mind makes Honda top notch.