How The US Forest Repairs Loose Axe Heads Wranglerstar professional Homeowner
Wranglerstar professional homeowner.

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  • APK Eggs
    APK Eggs

    "Oh no I'm stuck step-wedge"

  • Aden Perkins
    Aden Perkins

    This satisfying and educational for practical “everyday” use! I love these! ❤️

  • Weeb noob
    Weeb noob

    “Oh no step-wedge”

  • Ryan Shippy
    Ryan Shippy

    In my experience the us government would definitely buy a new one instead

  • brenner cavil
    brenner cavil

    This is the one I was waiting for.... Thank you

  • Cipher Code
    Cipher Code

    An axe to grind,is an exceptional video on IRglo produced by the national forest service,if I'm remembering correctly. It also has some companion videos they produced. I think a fella whose channel is named Jim Thode has the companion videos on his channel. Give em a look.

  • JAC671

    I love how amazing his quality has gone after years of work. WS is always a hard working guy!

  • Justin Riley
    Justin Riley

    your axe videos are what got me started watching your channel. you have some good videos on the subject !

  • Andrew Severtsen
    Andrew Severtsen

    How cool! Thanks for sharing

  • Allied

    "What are you doing step-wedge?"

  • Door Man
    Door Man

    I enjoyed this👍Thank you for sharing

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    Sweet Drahthaar

    I enjoy these short videos. I learn something every time. 👍🏻

  • Judd _S
    Judd _S

    Cody, I use to be a subscriber and followed you for years. I even purchased a signed copy of your book. As years went on I felt you strayed from your roots. I have seen a couple of these “shorts” recently and I’m glad to say you appear to be heading back!

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    nmtkn3 0

    These shorties are just right, well done. And thanks for sharing.

  • Baljinder Singh
    Baljinder Singh

    Interesting 🤔 nice 👍

  • Sirhc Dravas
    Sirhc Dravas

    Would love to see plans and watch you build the wooden foot clamping system

  • Ono Licious
    Ono Licious

    Love your stuff in this format.

  • Ben Toenjes
    Ben Toenjes

    Why are these videos so damn relaxing!!!!

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    rolls _879

    I really like the way this video was made, and it's always nice to look at such beautiful tools

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    Matthew Jason

    Great videos 👍