Best Chainsaw Sharpener Ever - FINALLY!!!
The Stihl 2 in 1 chainsaw sharpener is the best chainsaw sharpening tool i've ever used.
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  • John Hebert
    John Hebert

    I'm a 2nd generation arborist. I was always the one who sharpened the chains with a round file a flat file and gauge. With this file system, just about anyone who has interest can file a chain and make it cut like new. I love it because it makes life so much easier.

  • Mick Mcloughlin
    Mick Mcloughlin

    I've got one for my 170, and 250. (different size files) Absolutely the best sharpening tool ever made! So compact, and very fast, and effective. I do the no pressure back pull too, I use my chain brake and will do a number of teeth in one shot, (I engage the chain break when doing this) It takes no time at all to do a chain. Unlike you, I do use their recommended pitch angle. Have been cutting fire wood for about 40 years. Be safe guys.

  • Joe Grycowski
    Joe Grycowski

    Love the 100% honest review. We saw a skeptic turn into a complete believer!! And the humility to admit it as the video goes on!! Well done!!!

  • Scott Chenworth
    Scott Chenworth

    I must say, I truly appreciate the fact that you do not edit your “learning” out of these videos. Too many people want to appear flawless and it makes me feel inadequate at times. Keep up the great work, guys and thank you so much for the videos. Universal blessings to all!!!

  • Doug Dobbs
    Doug Dobbs

    Finally got around to buying one of these and used it for the first time last weekend. I was astonished at how easy it was to get my chain at a tip top performance level and keep it there. Thanks for the review and wish I'd bought this two years ago! :)

  • Tr3kker

    Could not agree more, hands down the best manual sharpener I've ever used! I've been around logging and fuelwood harvesting all my life and have tried most sharpening methods and usually end up free-handing it with a file and maybe a guide on the handle. Picked up one of these with my new Stihl MS-362 CM and after 5 minutes of learning how to use it, I was blown away. The only modification I made was taking a Sharpie and filling in the directional arrows so my 53 year-old eyes can see them better. I hoped in the truck, headed to ACE Hardware and bought two more (3/8P for my Dewalt battery saw and a 1/4P for my Stihl Kombi system pole saw). Hands-down, full-stop, best and quickest sharpening system I've used. Quick because you're filing the rakers at the same time as the tooth.

  • Xae

    I worked in the woods for years and that was always my Achilles' heel. I was never great at filing my chain. This could really be a game changer for me.

  • Jason McIntosh
    Jason McIntosh

    I also bought one. Never sharpened a saw before... seems to work well. The saw cut a lot better after I got done sharpening it. The angled plastic ends helped me keep it at the right angle to the bar and apparently I don't have to worry about the rakers being too high. Thanks for teh great video.

  • Daniel Oliver
    Daniel Oliver

    Used this for two years! Great time saver. I used angle on the tool and no problems. If badly worn I touch up with a good old hand file so I can better see and adjust tooth length close to the same because of minor damage. I then quickly hit it again with this tool after for the correct gauge setting. Love it!

  • Steve Wasilewski
    Steve Wasilewski

    This tool is great. It lessens the strain on your hands that you can get from gripping smaller files. Absolutely love it.

  • Chris Dzisiak
    Chris Dzisiak

    These are great! Now you may or may not have noticed but when the round files are removed the pointed end are towards the “pushing hand” . The reason for this is that this allows the files to rotate on that point as they are pushed through the chain. F’en brilliant, this eliminates you needing to rotate the round files for even wear. This is an excellent tool well worth the $45. I paid for it in Canada at my dealers. Thanks for the great review.

  • Scrubs2U

    Timely. About to purchase my first new chain saw and it has been awhile. Needed to load up

  • Mike Sofka
    Mike Sofka

    Hey there, thank you for your review on this sharpener! I was in the market for a sharpener and was about to buy a fairly expensive one...however after I saw your review, I decided to give this one a try, since it was only $30 at my local Kubota dealer. I LOVE THIS SHARPENER!!! Thank you for the recommendation! My chain cuts through trees like butter!!

  • Alec Minnick
    Alec Minnick

    Ive been trying to understand how a chainsaw works and now I finally get it - nobody else explained it like you did, thank you!

  • Rifle Bear
    Rifle Bear

    It's worth mentioning that this tool only works on NON skip tooth chains. Those chrome metal bars on the sharpener are meant to ride on the top of two teeth. This properly sets the depth gauges. On a skip tooth chain, one tooth is not under the chrome rail, which then doesnt allow the depth gauge file to work right. hope that makes sense.

  • WK

    Hands down, the best video description of how this sharpener works. WAY better than Stihl’s own video. Well done! The only thing I would add is there are different versions of this sharpener for different sizes of chain. Get the one made for your particular chain size.

  • cjhtas

    I got one about 2 years ago. Talked into it by the Stihl guy, I thought it was a gimmick till I started using it. Brilliant, so easy to use and pretty well foolproof. Bought another for the little chainsaw, and another for the bigger one.

  • Denton Dunn
    Denton Dunn

    Your video helped me decide on buying the Stihl 2 in 1 chain sharpener and its the best decision I've made. This thing works miracles and sharpens fast too. I love mine and recommend anyone using a single hand file ti pick this up cause it's a phenomenal tool. Didn't take me minutes to make my chain razor sharp and I already thought by using the hand file it was sharp as I could get it so I give this 5stars no problem

  • Brad Chandonnet
    Brad Chandonnet

    I agree. This is a great tool. I've been using one for the last year. It's always in my box when I head to the woods.

  • Kelli Hulin Stone
    Kelli Hulin Stone

    Wasn't about to buy another chainsaw without first finding a chain sharpener. Been through too many new chains and sharpening mishaps. Saw this sharpener on Amazon and started researching it. Your video was the 3rd and best. BY FAR. You obviously know what you're doing and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!! Adding this sharpener to my cart as well.