Amazing Tools of The Past Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner
Amazing tools of the parts Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner

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  • My Way
    My Way

    We used those in the telephone industry 40 years ago. The original cordless tool. Nice review >>>

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    One big advantage to hand tools over power tools that not too many people think of is that you can work at/through the night and whatnot without disturbing anyone, at least as much. I'm a night owl and get extremely ambitious as the sun goes down, so I love my hand tools because I can work away even in the house without waking the wife or kid, or bothering the neighbours if I'm out in the garage.

  • Alec Bonerchamp
    Alec Bonerchamp

    Kinda felt like you were threatening all of us at the end there.

  • knowntalker135

    Thank you for showing us that tool, really cool to see old technology

  • Fast Lane Technologies
    Fast Lane Technologies

    “Never been removed” yet the gearing looks like it was greased yesterday. You really do have to love how things used to be built back in the day’ in the days of quality craftsmanship. -President Of a Carpenters Union, Currently.

  • Shane Cateriny
    Shane Cateriny

    Not a ring gear but still a dope tool

  • Lobotomite97

    Miller falls makes good stuff. I got a vintage drill from my wife's grandpa's workshop after he died. Opened it up. Fixed the wiring and gave it a new plug, cleaned it out and put in new grease. Works like new. Seeing it run made my wife's grandma cry.

  • Allen Goodwin
    Allen Goodwin

    "Who knows what the future will bring?" That statement alone speaks volumes. Thanks for the education 👍

  • jared osborn
    jared osborn

    The inspection plate was removed years ago when you took it apart on one of your videos 🤣 that was a great video.

  • Driving With Jake
    Driving With Jake

    Kind of cool, I just got one of the second style ones from my Dad two weeks ago just in case it's ever needed along with some big bits.

  • Jungle Justice
    Jungle Justice

    Thats really cool actually. Miller falls was an east coast company. I have some of their hand planes and they stand the test of time.

  • heatherroseisrflyer

    Bevel gears. Wonderful tool. Thanks for sharing

  • Douglas

    I am digging the short videos!

  • Michael Parks
    Michael Parks

    Every tool I've seen you with is literally the best you can buy or the coolest rarest thing I've ever seen. That's awesome! As a mechanical engineer I can say with certainty having the right high quality tool for the job is essential. You're channel is one of my favorite brother. May God bless you and keep you.

  • graynephalim

    You should set up a little mini museum. Give little tours where you explain the history of the tool as you demonstrate using it. I'd bring my daughter to come check out your tools for a day.

  • Martin Neumann
    Martin Neumann

    Cool tool and good philosophy…

  • William Welch
    William Welch

    Thanks, I have a lot of old carpentry tools, but never seen that... next on my list :)

  • Torah Explorer
    Torah Explorer

    I’m enjoying these short vids almost as much as the long form. Great job 👍🏼

  • Bigboss

    This is one of my favorite youtube channels man. Alot of people didn’t get the chance to learn these tips and tricks growing up and i really appreciate you sharring your wealth of knowledge.

  • khari amir
    khari amir

    the eyebrow raise at the end really got me 💀🤨