Can An Axe Be Too Sharp??
In today's vlog I'll test the off-grid Fiskars axe shaver. Shaving with an axe is not exactly routine. This is not the dollar shave club. Stay tuned for future family vlogs. Coming soon food storage, gardening, permaculture, fermenting video vlogs coming soon.
Link to knife sharpener:
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  • Sucky Tiddy
    Sucky Tiddy

    why is this so relaxing ? I don't have an axe, and my hobby definitely isn't sharpening axes!

  • BountyTheGod

    This guy makes me wanna buy this product. I don't even own an axe, he puts so much passion into it

  • stephen berrie
    stephen berrie

    I agree with you ,that is a really nice sharpening system that is fairly easy to set up. Love watching your videos and your friendly banter with the rest of your family.Keep up the good works and God bless you and your family

  • Christian Arrambidez
    Christian Arrambidez

    The Bob Ross of sharpening tools

  • Alan Scanlon
    Alan Scanlon

    I love your videos, keep up the amazing content, and great job ignoring the hate. You making content like this inspires me to go out and do something in the nature, I can't thank you enough for being such a funny and enjoyable youtuber

  • Bohumír Zámečník
    Bohumír Zámečník

    Nice work! It would be great to see the effect of various levels of sharpness on chopping the logs.

  • HupfDole87

    just watched 12 minutes of a guy sharpening an axe.. and i got zero interest in that normally.. i dont even own an axe XD

  • David Davies
    David Davies

    I've owned (and returned) two Fiskars hatchets within the span of a few days. I couldn't believe how soft the steel was, but haven't seen this mentioned too often in reviews. It's reassuring to have a seasoned craftsman confirm my suspicions.

  • Dale the Rescue Ranger
    Dale the Rescue Ranger

    its nice to see a new tool being used properly and the company having a sharp increase in sales from your video work and recommendation. Thank you!

  • ryan olson
    ryan olson

    My advice is to always use files until the very end. Don't try to shape the edge with a stone. Use the stone to hone the edge followed by a strop if you have one.

  • Jrenyar

    Cody you probably know this already, but make sure to use the whole stone when sharpening. I mention it since I noticed you were only using using the middle of it which is bad for the stone since it will create a concave which shortens the life of your stones. A good method instead of of doing small circles, is to do a figure of 8 along the whole stone, since it will make sure the whole stone gets used, and will make the stone last longer and keep your sharpening at its best.

  • Milfmilker6534

    I use a flat file and a ceramic cup and I get it extremely sharp The main thing is being good at your angles and consistency I can glide it across my arm and not feel any resistance and it just pops it off it’s weirdly satisfying

  • Rob Bob's Aquaponics & Backyard Farm
    Rob Bob's Aquaponics & Backyard Farm

    Thanks Mr Cody. Was wondering how it would go on an axe & other yard equipment. Am thinking I need to come up with a way to do the secateurs without pulling them apart.

  • Bill Sutherland
    Bill Sutherland

    Cory, love the Lansky system! Question, can an inferior steel absorb more carbon from using the right coke or additive in a forge? The Japanese use an old method of smelting down iron to increase the carbon content for making high grade swords. Also, I have an axe that is a less quality axe and use it to remove roots and stumps. It is my dedicated stump axe. Thanks and God bless, Bill in MN.

  • TSPROF. Техностудия Профиль
    TSPROF. Техностудия Профиль

    Thank you, Cody, for your positive review! You` re doing great job!

  • Pedro Gonçalves
    Pedro Gonçalves

    Hello Wranglerstar, i'm new to your videos and i must say i am amazed at your work!

  • Jeff Couture
    Jeff Couture

    That's an ingenious sharpening rig, and reminds me of jigs I've cobbled up for one time use. But this makes me want to build a permanent one (maybe a little stiffer and heavier than this) to have at the ready. This looks a bit springy, but that's probably not going to matter much for most work?

  • Chippy Tucker
    Chippy Tucker

    Just got a new Granfors Bruks small forest axe, and man, that thing is shaving sharp! I love their axes!! Great vid, as always! Cheers!

  • Mark Motz
    Mark Motz

    You know a tool is great when it can make Wranglerstar proud to show off his Fiskers.

  • Farmstead Fun
    Farmstead Fun

    That sharpener is amazing! I can't wait to get mine. Too bad the company is super backed up on orders.