Eliminating a Dangerous Threat To My Family's Security
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The greatest threat to home security is running out of water. 3 days is all your family can survive without water. How to install a simple pump hand well pump with Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner.
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نظر: 320
  • Adam Hart
    Adam Hart

    That random stuff with the logging, love it. This is why you are truly a cut above the rest.

  • Adam Wing
    Adam Wing

    For areas that see fires, having metal well pipes for your upper 3 or 4 pieces of well pipe down the hole will prevent the pipe from melting and dropping down the hole. seen it happen quite a few times here in Cali. It renders your well useless with the hole blocked and you have to drill and set another casing.

  • Bowhunting 101
    Bowhunting 101

    Hey Cody , I would imagine on the older trucks and trailers , the overload springs would probably be the way a lot of people could find out pretty easy , great video brother as usual, keep em coming

  • Matt Phillips
    Matt Phillips

    I understand that this man knows exactly what he's doing. But I hurt myself one too many times, and switched to ratchet binders about 20 years ago. Watching him use that lever bar, above his head, and behind him, gave me the chills!

  • Mark Suda
    Mark Suda

    Every weekend I'm out catching the garage and estate sales in my area, it's always a treat to find old ex fforest service tools and equipment, thanks to your channel I'm learning of new things to keep an eye out for. Thanks for helping preserve a bit of knowledge that otherwise might be forgotten!

  • Blank Spot
    Blank Spot

    Great Video Cody. Glad to see you finally got a truckload of wood, for your neighbors. Loved Mike's suspenders... way cool and you know they are comfortable! Thanks Cody.

  • Gater boy 1369
    Gater boy 1369

    I really appreciate what you are doing. I involuntarily smiled when I seen that lock tight cap hit the tailgate, that would of been a great showcase shot for the cap holder you made a little while back. Anyway you keep it up and we’ll keep watching.

  • Carl Zirk
    Carl Zirk

    Pro log truck guy uses old chain binders like the pro homeowner. It's fun talking to the old guys. Lots to learn.

  • Carson Adams
    Carson Adams

    Is that food grade lock tight? 😂

  • CinciDan08

    Excellent content, thanks for the lesson Cody & Mike.

  • shopnwoods

    I like it when you talk to the guys out there getting the work done. Refreshing to see regular folks doing a good days work.

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    This is very cool! Im curious if this will have any effect on the flow you get, like, does it slow it down flow or have any effect on water pressure?

  • Big Holli
    Big Holli

    I can’t wait to have my own land. That sense of security. I drove before I became a fireman, got a ticket for being 8,900 pounds over weight. The company I drove for had to pay it. I told them I was over weight when I left. But they would rather pay the fine and not have me do so many trips. I would love to set up my own garden. Learn to preserve food. I already hunt. Freezer is well stocked

  • Hands and Feet Homestead
    Hands and Feet Homestead

    I was just watching again your previous videos on the simple pump install last night. Thanks for all the hard work Cody. God bless

  • Corey Shortland
    Corey Shortland

    Loved the end piece with the log trucker. You're humbley curious and you're not afraid to get things wrong. It's refreshing to see someone with a lot of knowledge on quite a bit of stuff, be shown how they do things. Never stop learning 🪵😁

  • Cory Gardner
    Cory Gardner

    The problem with the isopropyl alcohol is the needed contact time to do the same job as the bleach.

  • n

    I do a ton of these same things but I'm def not on the same wavelength as this guy. Respect to who you are but just to let y'all know there's a wide variation of folks who love the way we do. Conservative and liberal and everything in-between. Happy living y'all. Don't pinch your fingers.

  • Spog Baker
    Spog Baker

    Love the educational value of your channel! It shows holes in any plan I think I have.

  • William Welch
    William Welch

    Thanks Cody. One of my upcoming projects is to replace the seals on my simple pump. This could not have come at a better time!

  • Matt Williamson
    Matt Williamson

    Great video on the well... looking forward to the series.