Full Contact Sword Fighting -WARNING GRAPHIC-
Full Contact Sword Fighting. Top 10 savage blows by Men fighting with steel and armor.
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  • 矢神律

    When the teacher leaves the room for five minutes.

  • Xavier Knarr
    Xavier Knarr

    The no smoking sign really brings the whole thing to life

  • Get Smart
    Get Smart

    I'm a boxing fan and an MMA fan (and former competitor in both sports) but I find that absolutely brutal...no words can describe the amount of brain trauma those guys are getting from their sport. Crazy bastards.

  • Stiff Stud
    Stiff Stud

    I kinda see why the romans were entertained by gladiatorial fights so much lol

  • Kenji Yamamoto
    Kenji Yamamoto

    i love how in games and movies, they have these epic battles and counter attacks, but in real life it just looks like a bunch of men having seizures

  • Don Ascanio
    Don Ascanio

    If they had this on TV instead of Football I would actually watch TV again.

  • Anonymous ?
    Anonymous ?

    Men: I wonder why women live longer than men

  • DisT0rted

    Just some guy: "Yeah, I play football. The worlds most

  • Steamed

    The maidens’ dressing room: Claire, I wholehearted agree that physical education is quite a cruel obligation for gentlemen’s children like us.

  • Ribeiro pk
    Ribeiro pk

    18 minutes of pure manliness and warriors just having the battle of their lives. I live in the wrong era

  • Hoes mad
    Hoes mad

    For those who dont know (and it's clear that there are many, no offense of course) this is called the International Medeival Combat Federation. It's an international sport where teams of knights from many different countries compete in 1v1s, 20v20s, free for alls, etc. Its one of my favorite sports.

  • Keifer Pankey
    Keifer Pankey

    This seems really fun not as expensive as other war re-enactments and a great way to relieve stress

  • lookwhatididtomyid

    Not going to lie, this looks insanely fun.

  • Natsco

    You gotta remember that in this battle you aren't fighting to kill, so If this looks bad to you, you ain't seen nothing.

  • Chai

    Could you imagine going to the hospital after this?

  • Susseratal

    I like the idea that this is what most historical battles were like. it was just some dudes hitting each other with sticks

  • Jalen Belen
    Jalen Belen

    I keep laughing at

  • Chongo


  • Sliced Lemons
    Sliced Lemons

    we literally witnessing gang wars from the 1400s

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez