Testing The Cheapest Cordless Drill On AMAZON
Testing the cheapest cordless drills on Amazon.
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  • dawgduo

    That Genesis drill was actually pretty impressive for $32. I wish he would’ve mentioned whether they had lithium or nickel metal hydride batteries.

  • Caringan Coystopitum
    Caringan Coystopitum

    Well, in all honesty, I had a cheap drill and used it for years. Never had a problem with it. Sure, it wasn't very powerful and overheated quite fast, but if you know that, and work around these problems, these drills will last quite some years.

  • Steve Henkel
    Steve Henkel

    This is the first "testing the cheapest" video I've watched. Nothing like taking something to its extreme to see how it performs. It was great! I'll have to check out the playlist and see what else you've done.

  • Redeemed

    Best cordless drill I have ever had (and still use to this day ) is the Hyper tough from Wal-mart. $20, I have 2 and use them daily for work. I do maintenance and remodeling. They have out performed and outlasted any other drill I have used including my old craftsman.

  • Col Rodrick
    Col Rodrick

    I have been really enjoying these trial to the death competitions. And not just for the entertainment- it’s surprising that some of these cheap no name brands are not totally useless In fact I would say that if someone had a need to use a drill only once or twice a month- that genises may be a good buy at 30 odd bucks. Personally I prefer my Bosch

  • Jtmanch -
    Jtmanch -

    “Ok I have my fire extinguisher ready”

  • Hunter Atkinson
    Hunter Atkinson

    I thought Ryobi was a pretty good brand, I've got 2 impact drivers 2 cordless similar to the one in the video and a battery circular saw and I use them pretty heavily and they work beautifully in my opinion anyways haha

  • PueoDefenseGroup

    Hey Wranglerstar! i’ve been a big fan of you over the past few years!

  • El Nino
    El Nino

    lol even though these tests don't show which one's actually better, I can't help but find these funny and they crack me up. keep em coming, the more smoke and fire, the better! :D

  • Mary Had A Little Farm
    Mary Had A Little Farm

    Cody, you ARE the boss at these videos! Love them 💙 Thank you!

  • John Gregerson
    John Gregerson

    I'd love to see a test of cordless grinders, I've never seen any company make a decent one

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine

    Had a Genesis drill as a cheap backup. Worked alright but was quite heavy. Now I have a drill driver and impact driver from both DeWalt and rigid. Both are incredible in comparison.

  • AppyDawgs Lee
    AppyDawgs Lee

    I would love to see one on the cheapest chainsaw.

  • Quentin Eva
    Quentin Eva

    Got to say I bought the El Cheapo drill at Walmart just to do a couple things around the house and honestly planned on taking it back but it turned out to really be a decent drill as far as hanging pictures and just little the home projects stuff

  • WhiteCavendish

    My first cordless drill I ever bought was a store brand one from Superstore in Canada that was absolutely identical to the red one, but mine was green and had a different name. other than that, it was the exact same drill, clearly made in the same chinese factory. I have to say, I paid $19.99 CAD, and for the price, it was actually a pretty decent drill. As I recall, the battery sort of crapped out on me and wouldn't hold much charge anymore, but the drill still worked fine. I got rid of it and replaced it with an old blue Ryobi One+ drill that my wife got at a garage sale for $5.


    When you started dismantling them with a pocket knife, before even starting any tests, I knew things were already going south fast! 😂

  • TheFossil999

    Loving this channel, I would love to see how the cheapest fire extinguisher does in you tests compared to a quality one.

  • kal9001

    I felt real sympathy for the Genesis, looks like it put up a real fight. I think the high spec died long before but if the motor or gear box may have bound up so the Gen couldn't win outright, if it could get some speed up to cool itself maybe...

  • JDK Outdoors
    JDK Outdoors

    Haha that's last drop and sarcastic " I know how to take the battery out on this one" really cracked me up

  • dcfred777

    I have to tell you I absolutely love this channel it's funny and you're actually a "real" person as in you don't have some kind of script or something ridiculous like that! I also like how you talked about old grand dad and his pulley system in another video.