Secrets of the U.S. Forest Service Elite Firefighters Wranglerstar professional homeowner
Secrets of the US Forest Service chainsaw firefighter sawyers Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner

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  • Dagney Taggart
    Dagney Taggart

    Doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't know what he's doing..... 😏

  • dirt rider
    dirt rider

    Yup as a ex arborist this is common practice on saws. Clean it and flip it. Also saw drops are pretty common. Get a quality say if u use it alot. I have dropped more then a few saws from 40+ feet in the air and mangled my chain bar. I've damn near wrapped one around Mt saw. Swap the bar n chain, runs like a champ first start! Also maintain ur chain. U can stich a cut, not a rip. When ur arms are tired bcuz u are pushing n pushing, u can't fight kickback fast enough! Keep ur chain sharp and ur health, safety, and arms will thank u!

  • J-uNiT

    It means he knows what he's doing. Good video man. Not alot of sawers know this.

  • Donald Smith
    Donald Smith

    The cocked eyebrow always makes me stand at attention.

  • DH 123
    DH 123

    I learned this tip from you many years ago! Bar has been rotated a few times since then! Thanks, WS!

  • Arie Poldervaart
    Arie Poldervaart

    Yup, did this in my wood cutting business. Just made sense to extend the life of your equipment.


    “It’s wranglin’ time”

  • SamuraiAtlas TSM
    SamuraiAtlas TSM

    So it basically means he knows what he's doing

  • Oraf

    The tree service I work for in Ms does this often to get more life out of the bars. Most of the time we wear the paint of the bar, they shine in the sun

  • TheSweetloudo1

    So much info I never knew don't need will never use and I can't stop F'in watching...keep up the great content

  • Jackson Malcolm
    Jackson Malcolm

    Your bar sure has a lot of words on it!

  • dill pick
    dill pick

    I love these. Super interesting, and the music is on point

  • FireMonster

    As a former Hotshot I like your stuff!! Well done

  • Gary Sego
    Gary Sego

    It in fact means the person you see with his bar upside-down knows exactly what he's doing. Love your videos. Thanks

  • Kyle Rochford
    Kyle Rochford

    I've learned much from these shorts. Had I a different life, I'd be signing up for forestry work at this moment.

  • kyle MTN dew
    kyle MTN dew

    Love the full wrap handle. That's a Sawyer right there!

  • Jesse Lovejoy
    Jesse Lovejoy

    Thank you for the advice.Definitely I will put it to good use in the future

  • Liam Boland
    Liam Boland

    I love when people at work tell me I've put the bar on upside down, they always say it loud so other people can hear them. Like they know better 🙄 😒

  • Red Hood inc.
    Red Hood inc.

    I live in rural Alaska and literally have my bar flipped right now. I can't tell you how many times somebody has been like you put that on wrong.

  • Bahr Industries
    Bahr Industries

    Yep I alternate every other disassembly/ chain swap (for the most part/ when I remember)