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  • Nole Hopkins
    Nole Hopkins

    That was a tough one Cody. Glad that your GranDad touched your heart in the way that he did. It's ok to choke up when you think of him. It's a sign of serious respect. He had a great hand in making you who you are.

  • Tukker King
    Tukker King

    The last pause when you were talking about being transported back to the days you had with your grandfather made my eyes a bit misty, I wont lie. You won't have more days on earth with him, but the memories and ideals he instilled in you are carried on. These same values and ideas are passed on like a small carrot of wisdom in each of your videos. His memory and his legacy lives on through your actions and in the minds of all those who watch your content. Thank you for sharing your generational wisdom, it is greatly appreciated.

  • VonJimmy III
    VonJimmy III

    I've been a casual watcher of your videos for a good minute now and I've always found your dedication and fascination with U.S forestry equipment and it's history entertaining and a great way to learn some new things I'd never have learned otherwise.

  • b rizzle
    b rizzle

    Sure brought a tear to my eye. I was a shadow to my great grandfather. He was a mill wright on an island in the pacific in the 50's. They build everything from scratch including custom machines.

  • Jeff Skalicky
    Jeff Skalicky

    I'm sitting at hospice right now with my father, he's 82, has lead a great life, and we've been doing alot of reminiscing. I'm not sure how to put this but I'm really glad you got something that gives you joy and good memories of your grand dad. I'm sad about losing dad, I'm really going to miss him, but I also take great comfort knowing that I'm going to have good memories and touchstones that I can share with my son and maybe some day my grandkids. Thing that we're his and my grand dad's and great grand dad's, telling them the stories and passing them on. Any way thanks for the video it made me feel better.

  • Nicholas Lutz
    Nicholas Lutz

    what a quiet but emotional moment near the end. It gave me a little smile that we were lucky to have this shared with us. I love this channel because I learn small little nuggets of information that are helpful as a new home owner but also makes you feel like a family member as well.

  • Ripper Six
    Ripper Six

    Seeing you pause and for a moment you were taken back in time to when you were a boy with your granddad was so powerful! I have felt that exact same feeling when I’ve held my grandfathers block planes or other woodworking tools. It truly is magical!

  • Brian B
    Brian B

    I wasn’t that close to my grandfather but when he passed my dad inherited a number of his Colman stoves and lanterns and I was always fascinated by them, partly because they seemed intimidating to use. But I learned how to use them and I love camping with them now. They’re far more fun to use and economical than the small propane bottles.

  • The Anxious Adventurer
    The Anxious Adventurer

    Congrats on the find! My problem as a collector... when I see someone as passionate about an item as you are about this, I absorb that passion! I have a slight obsession with the Civilian Conservation Corps camp that was about a half mile from my property here in Madison County North Carolina back in the 1930s and 40s. I have found a few tools from these guys and it takes me back man! I love seeing other passionate collectors! Your connection to this stuff is as deep as it gets.

  • Greg Ziegler-personal
    Greg Ziegler-personal

    I enjoy seeing the “stuff” you collect, but I enjoy even more the great relationship you had with your granddad.

  • Ken Leppek
    Ken Leppek

    That's neat. I remember as a kid being at deer camp with all the guys old Colman lantern burning, hissing, a Colman camp stove with coffee percolating on it. I can hear it and smell it to this day 30 years later like it was yesterday. Thank you so much for sharing and I'm sure I can speak for a lot of folks here when I say you just brought back a world of fond memories. Most of the guys I remember from those times are long gone now and it's nice to think of them from time to time

  • TheRandom Carebear
    TheRandom Carebear

    My grandpa showed me a lot but we bonded the most when we’d go fishing, he showed me all the knots, what baits and lures to use when Trying to catch specific fish. So anytime I’m setting up my rod and reel I’ll start tying my knot and I immediately think of him. Thanks for sharing your story

  • Tyler Snyder
    Tyler Snyder

    It's a shame that simingly every family has people that act like vultures when a loved one passes away.

  • SixSeven From tha 615
    SixSeven From tha 615

    I can feel the compassion and nostalgia that you’re getting from the memories. It really brings a tear to my eyes to see how proud you are of who he was

  • SinsOfAnubis

    Very nice to see genuine emotion from someone we look up to, you’re a big influencer in this category of life Cody and to be relatable to you is very important. Thank you for being a little bit vulnerable.

  • RBV281

    You’ll see him again one day sir. Love your stories of granddad. I can feel your love for him expressed in every pause, breath, turn of the head, and sigh. God Bless you Cody

  • Nathan P
    Nathan P

    Probably my favorite video of yours. I was the youngest of the grandchildren, so unfortunately, I didn't get to have a lot of memories as my older siblings and cousins had. You cherish them well as it is obvious in this video. Share them with your kids and re-live them as they are Memorable Heirlooms that can be passed on from generation to generation. God Bless your family.

  • Josh Haller
    Josh Haller

    That was heart felt. I got the fizz hearing about your grandpa. Reminds me of my grandpa and the tools and knowledge he passed to me.

  • Adam Huber
    Adam Huber

    I love when he shares these things and stories from his life. Its always interesting to hear about someone else’s story! It also makes him more relatable, more personal feel, like we are all friends…

  • Charlie Knibbs
    Charlie Knibbs

    Sir, I won’t lie, for some reason you annoy me but I watch every one of your videos. Seeing you take a moment and relive your memories near the end of the video almost made me tear up. My grandfather passed in 2020, and the wound is still fresh today. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.