Where have all the good men gone? They are married to high-value women. Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner.

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  • Rensune

    "I don't ask, I just drink it"

  • Twin222

    That is an honest and caring woman to do something that sweet for her husband, and it might have gone unnoticed that he's bragging on his wife as well like a wonderful husband.

  • Jermey Renner
    Jermey Renner

    Working in the oil industry is very demanding work, and my wife makes sure I have 3 meals a day every day! This video makes me happy to know she's not the only one who does this! Love the video!

  • Her Weirdoo
    Her Weirdoo

    The grapefruit juice spill tho 💀

  • MrSpaghette

    Wow, took my off guard with that last comment, but really, it’s true and works both ways. I’m a stay at home dad and try to provide for my wife and kid.

  • Bill Jordan
    Bill Jordan

    I showed my wife this one, and then had to fix a dent in the wall On the bright side... I got a new phone out of the deal.

  • Miss Chris
    Miss Chris

    I didn't cook much before meeting my fiance, my life was a mess really. Now I cook all the time and it's pretty incredible to see how far I've progressed with my culinary skills. It's a joy and honor to create and share meals with my love.

  • Quinton Shepherd
    Quinton Shepherd

    Man, I thought this lifestyle was dead. I live in a more rural part of Idaho, and we don't even see much of that around here. Glad to know it's still living for you, Mr. Star

  • mikebeverly88

    I have a hard working wife and I work 2 jobs one in the morning then i come home pick up the kids from school and cook dinner when my wife gets home we eat she takes care of the kids nightly duties and I go to my 2nd job. Marriage is teamwork no matter how you have to slice the cake.

  • Eva Thompson
    Eva Thompson

    ❤❤❤❤ I do my best to take of my husband.. he’s a hard worker and a loving husband whom I appreciate very much and I’m lucky to have thank you Avery I love you more and more everyday ❤

  • PowerOfThePick

    This goes for anybody, if you are the partner in the relationship that stays at home, your job is your home

  • Bracing Strength
    Bracing Strength

    This is the biggest flex I've ever seen

  • Michael Bast
    Michael Bast

    Great messages and this one is extra important.

  • Ethan W
    Ethan W

    I think your gonna get a call from the based department soon

  • Matt Carey
    Matt Carey

    My misses can't cook and i enjoy cooking, i don't mind it after work

  • Ronnie Kale
    Ronnie Kale

    Every time I see this it’s so sweet and you can tell how much he loves his wife and visa versa. I want to agree with him 100% so bad but he always has to throw in a few words that is just kinda crazy. Sorry but I really don’t think “looking your best” for when your husband gets home every day is in any way necessary. Get up and get dressed every day out of respect for yourself, but if you put on makeup or a better outfit at

  • Dylan G
    Dylan G

    My Fianceé started cooking more meals here and there, especially before hunting trips. I go bed early and wake to a note at the door and a meal made. Its been great and it means a lot to me.

  • All American
    All American

    I get the same from my wife. When it’s like this true love for one another is expressed. It’s an amazing feeling

  • Legendary Pillow
    Legendary Pillow

    “I don’t ask I just drink it.” 😂

  • Dinidu de Alwis
    Dinidu de Alwis

    Another perfectly prepared meal for our United States forest Service firefighters.