FINALLY - A Simple Way To Split Firewood
How to split firewood with a cordless drill.
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  • Wranglerstar

    PURCHASE A DRILL AUGER HERE FOR ONLY $16 - FREE SHIPPING (link will direct you to my amazon affiliate page)

  • BornGaming

    They're reverse thread because drivers and impact guns have more torque in reverse gear than forward gear. Because if you have more forward power, your reverse won't be able to remove the bolt/screw/nut etc. More reverse power means you can never put on anything you can't then take off.

  • Briz Mason
    Briz Mason

    The fact that you showed your mishaps and obviously learned how this works as you went, makes you valuable and reliable resource! You don’t pretend to have knowledge you don’t. I enjoy your channel!

  • Lars Bolduc
    Lars Bolduc

    The company I work for (CBI wood grinders) make huge ones of these for whole trees! They mount on excavators and are driven with hydraulics. It's called a 'Stump Screw'. It's cool to see such a tiny one.

  • testing 123
    testing 123

    "Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice." ~Henry Ford.

  • Alluvian

    This was great! I am quite disabled and just moved in with family in the great north, and we have a heat exchanger fireplace with a blower, a wood fired boiler and a pellet furnace. I can't help with splitting the huge logs that they truck in for the winter around here, but with one of these I could sit out by the wood pile and shred up some kindling to feel more helpful!

  • NEOSpawnKiller

    This is pretty neat. I've used one of the large ones a few times, not for any length of time but it definitely worked. I prefer my grandad's old home made log splitter but it was more comfortable to use one of these augers.

  • smileyhappyradio

    This is so great for the elderly. I think it would be great to share this with people, who heat with wood, but can't have injuries/are old, need kindling.

  • Pastor John
    Pastor John

    Looks like a neat way to go. Bigger augers on bigger machines are much more powerful for bigger pieces of wood. I bought a Kindling Cracker and I'm sure once I'm set up outside or in a garage, I'm going to get more done than the drill auger you show, but it is one way to go.

  • Richard Pahl
    Richard Pahl

    Nice wood piles. I've never seen rounded wood piles/stacks. I might have to try that particular method of arranging the cut wood on the next piles I work on. It looks much more appealing to the eyes and I'm sure my neighbors will appreciate it a tad more then regular wood piles or whatever

  • Zeke770

    I’ve seen the large sized splitters before. They work, but as you saw it doesn’t always split it all the way and can be a pain to get it off. That’s especially if it’s just a direct drive off a small engine.

  • Guy E
    Guy E

    As little kids we were taught to split it holding one end and sitting the piece on the long grain vs hitting the cut dead like you do. It has two advantages, one being your fingers are well away from ther action and the other is that the end cut block you are chopping on to soon developers a groove to to stabilize things. Try it you may like it!

  • Argeny Sandoval
    Argeny Sandoval

    Amazing! In order to eliminate the reciprocating twisting movement back to your hand when it gets stiff or stuck you should use instead of a regular drill a impact driver, try it out and thanks me later

  • Ghost

    I think the biggest benefit to this tool is that you don't have to go outside in the cold to chop wood-

  • Arthur Leslie
    Arthur Leslie

    In the 60’s I tested a new auger wood splitter designed to take into the field. You jacked up your truck and removed the wheel from a drive hub. This auger then mounted to the hub with the lug nuts.

  • Gulf Marsh Bayou and Bay
    Gulf Marsh Bayou and Bay

    Cool device buck. As you stated could work great for someone that can’t swing a wedge or even when running low and need quick fuel while inside the house. Another thing, could work well on that real old super dense fat wood. Cool video and God bless you as well.

  • Auto Repair and More
    Auto Repair and More

    Hey wrangler star I like your videos man. That spliiter seems really good. I almost thought about putting that on an electric drill and mount the drill to a weighted stand or something and feed the wood into it maybe like one of those gear box right angle drills be a cool concept

  • PedroVa

    I remember, in a workshop labor, we had a hand drill that had a bit more powerful torque than the rest. After a few weeks we just discarded it because it's an imminent risk to our wrists, that twist when the tool gets stuck in the work piece can be very very painful (especially in repetitive tasks, like this)

  • William Ayotte
    William Ayotte

    It is fun to use on Spruce, not so much on Ash wood. The Ash I was trying to use it on, was a piece of Ash that was still somewhat green.

  • Lori Mills
    Lori Mills

    I love that you are also talking to us women who need this info to safely cut kindling! I appreciate how you included the hassles you encountered and how you handled them with a good attitude. I am hoping that the link to purchase a drill auger does not take us to the wonky one that you demonstrated with in your video!