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  • Wranglerstar


  • Doc

    No, the compass does work.

  • Randall.

    When you're stuck out in the woods, any knife is better than no knife.

  • Dustin Taylor
    Dustin Taylor

    the best survival knife is the one you have on you when you need it

  • Charles Garcia
    Charles Garcia

    I got this knife as a gift and I must have been living a good life as it worked well for what it is. The compass worked, I took out the tube and added my own mini-gear. I added Lock-Tite to the nut component just in case. The "saw" was used for scaling fish. It was pretty tasty after using the matches and some laundry lint to start a fire going. The knife was not made for batoning or throwing. Occasionally I'll change the gear inside. My latest was adding a micro-mini light.

  • Lively's Gaming Zone
    Lively's Gaming Zone

    The soothing sound of Jeff Goldblum criticizing a seven dollar knife on the Internet

  • talsapps

    "Ok, it's time to take the knife outside and see what it can do"

  • Vapsku

    Now review the cheapest tent and go camping with the items in this series. It would surely be an interesting video.

  • Mamerto Relativo
    Mamerto Relativo

    For me, the beast budget survival knife is the Mora companion. My friend suggested taping a berocca tube with mini survival kit on the holster.

  • Maddy Grand
    Maddy Grand

    On the Glock 81 feldmesser, the back is actually a proper saw and I use it all the time for branches up to 10/12cm in diameter (3.5/4 inches) Also on some smaller, thinner knives I have had, the sawback works amazing for working with nearly any type of isolation or materials that are alike.

  • DBSARlight

    nice video. Like most low-cost tools, some can be improved with a little TLC. if the blade holds a edge, then using some lock-tite & sealant and tightening the blade nut would improve the blade tightness to the handle, ( and seal the handle better from water at that end. Re-sharpening the blade with a better grind angle, also replacing the cheap compass with a better quality button compass, and replacing all the survival kit items with better quality items will fix that.

  • Kirk Langdon
    Kirk Langdon

    My father always used the serrations on the back for scaling fish, always thought that’s what it was for. Also works well on fire rod, spares the blade edge!

  • Famefamefame


  • Austin L. W. Moore
    Austin L. W. Moore

    Maybe the friction and vibration caused the nut inside to loosen? Maybe put some thread locker on the bolt and give it another chance. You have to touch up the high end knifes and axes, so why are you expecting a 7 dollar knife to be box ready?

  • Tobias Gibson
    Tobias Gibson

    The serrations on the actual Air Force Survival knife is for cutting through plexi-glass. It can be used for wood but it isn't the best. As for this knife! For $7 I was absolutely amazed at what the knife was able to do! You sold me!

  • scar3xcr0

    i had a survival knife just like this as a kid. I wrapped the entire handle in cord and found there was enough room for twice as many survival supplies inside. The coolest trick with these knives is you will notice the handguard has two holes, You can unscrew the bottom cap take out your survival kit stick a stick up the tube and use some of the cord to tie through the holes to retain the knife so you have a spear.

  • Aidangelion

    I own a $30 K Bar style knife that I bought from Amazon that actually impressed me quite a bit. If you occasionally camp and need something for moderate use then there’s no point spending upwards of $150, so Amazon can actually hook you up in that regard. However, for $10-30 more you can go on a site that has discounts like Blade HQ and get yourself a knife like the Cold Steel SRK for only $10 more dollars. In other words, you can leave Amazon and find knives still in the $30-$40 price range and walk away much happier.

  • AdirondackBuzzard

    This reminds me of the Japanese made Explorer knives that have the same type of hollow pommels, and are exactly the same size and look just like that. I found one last year used at a gun shop that some guy traded in for something new. I snagged it for $10 and it's built very well. That sheath is leather but other than that it's very similar. I think these are simply copies of those Explorer knives.

  • Marc Morton
    Marc Morton

    I think it is a pretty good deal for the price. You really don't need to split logs in a survival situation. If you got a fire going, they usually burn just fine without doing so. Another thing is, with a hollow hilt like that, it is easy to use as a spear head, screwed down on the top of a straight cut down and delimbed sapling. If you are in cougar or bear country, it would help put some distance between an a dangerous wild animal. You could also use it to spear fish as well. Also the compass seem to being pointing north in same direction each time you moved it around. You said you knew the direction of north was what was showing east. So knowing that, you could still use the compass!

  • Igor Freitas
    Igor Freitas

    Durability was compromised for sure, but overall it seems to have passed the tests. I'd like to see you submerge it in water to see if it would flood the inside of the handle through the junction point with the blade. It would render the rubber loop useless because water would enter from the other side, however there would still be a capsule trying to keep water away from the matches and stuff.