Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON
Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON
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  • Wranglerstar

    Get Your Survival Kit Here - Only $9

  • Liscan

    I don't know why, but for the past 3 hours, all I've been watching on IRglo are survival kit unboxing

  • Nathan Garrett
    Nathan Garrett

    Here's a challenge, build a 10-15 dollar kit yourself with items off amazon

  • Keiome Nikke
    Keiome Nikke

    He seems so emotionally attached to that baby flashlight. How did he manage to bond with a tiny flashlight that quickly? xD

  • Yaboi

    Doesn't matter how much it is you'd kill for a survival kit like this in the wilderness.

  • MIgardener

    I was shocked that you would call it a survival kit without first aid equipment, fishing equipment, and some form of mirror. But they probably spent most of their budget on the multi-tool and the fire starter which looked real nice actually.

  • Damon R
    Damon R

    It's always good to take a kit like this to start and replace items one at a time with higher grade quality as you can afford it

  • Speedy Rob66
    Speedy Rob66

    Lol did it bother anyone else when he didn't turn off the light on the multi purpose tool

  • Mark LaDoux
    Mark LaDoux

    Cody, you can actually turn those wire saws into a effective saw, and use way less energy, if you take a springy branch and turn it into a bow saw. The saw will get caught a whole lot less when cutting bigger pieces of wood, and it can be quite effective.

  • ImagineThat

    Oh my... I about died laughing when the wire bent the cutters.

  • razor10reciever

    Him: turns on flashlight

  • Jerome S
    Jerome S

    I love these "cheapest" videos.

  • Onii_

    "Does it work as a whistle?"

  • Trevor D.
    Trevor D.

    You know for $9 its not bad

  • Chris Dewey
    Chris Dewey

    I really enjoy this series! Your sense of humor is priceless, possibly more helpful in a survival situation than the survival kit itself.

  • Dyl Pickles
    Dyl Pickles

    I'll never forget the look my girlfriend gave me the first time she asked where my can opener was and I handed her my Leatherman... priceless.

  • dandeleona

    Love that you're using the tools to demonstrate. People mostly just display them, name them, and then lay them aside .

  • The Nate Take
    The Nate Take

    I love these types of videos! How do companies put out products without actually testing them?!

  • pleni122

    What I totally miss is anything to cook water in or purify it, plus some type of cordage to make a shelter. The saw, the fire steel and the compass are cool!

  • Gaming Blog
    Gaming Blog

    Those aren't wire cutters, they are wire strippers. Fooled me too and almost ruined mine from a similar cheap multi tool i have.