The Worst $2 Purchase Ever
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نظر: 473
  • flashpointbravo

    You gave your neighbor $2 and you got the opportunity to make an entire video about the repair. I’m seeing the bright side here, but I’ve been forced by the government to take a day off work and go to court, pay for parking, prove my innocence to the judge and then have to pay court “processing fees” after winning the judgement. Now that was a waste of money.

  • Pim Schouten
    Pim Schouten

    As a qualified mechanic I am seriously impressed by this repair. The weld is fantastic 👍

  • Justin Riley
    Justin Riley

    as a millwright with 30 years in the field I personally would have drilled a hole in that bracket and welded that lug on from the back.that way it would have been flat on the front.also would be stronger, you ground off most of the weld.but you did a nice job and your brave enough to film it. no malice intended in my comment.

  • Ethan Fawson
    Ethan Fawson

    Great repair. Definitely a professional-home-owner level job.

  • The Anxious Adventurer
    The Anxious Adventurer

    Its so satisfying to fix something yourself! My dad taught me from an early age, try and fix things yourself first. Ive surprised myself hundreds of times doing things I thought would require a professional. And the satisfaction of stepping back and see what YOU corrected or bettered or built... its one of the best "highs" you'll ever find! Nice job and thanks for taking us along for the ride!


    A tap and die set is such an underrated tool to have on hand.

  • Dale Juhl
    Dale Juhl

    I saw your videos a loooooong time ago - Found your videos again today and got to know you a little better - Much respect, you're talented, intelligent have the coolest spaces LOADED with fun stuff... I've seen your rants a couple of them anyway - Because you lead a life many would want with all of the skills of course like high school people will be jealous and will hold a certain amount of resentment. REALLY GREAT CHANNEL -

  • Chris Mulliner
    Chris Mulliner

    I love that you're just having a blast in the garage, barefoot, doing a repair job. This is so inspiring, haha.

  • Jordan Drier
    Jordan Drier

    Crazy to think that something as simple as a kickstand could be the line in the sand on needing a new frame. Thank goodness for pro-ho’s!

  • Eric Ocson
    Eric Ocson

    What a roller coaster ride of emotions in that video! Glad it worked out well 👍

  • Scott H
    Scott H

    Nice job!!! It can certainly be aggravating when things like that happen, but you can take pride in the repair you've made and the experience you've gained.

  • Matthew Holland
    Matthew Holland

    Cody, you're obviously a man who appreciates quality tools, so you have to get your self some Starrett tap handles, they're works of art! The 93A/B/C T handled or the 91 series tap wrench, beautiful!

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson

    Fantastic pro homeowner skills at work. Well done Sir, well done.

  • Maztastic312

    I love your videos man your one of the most humble guys I think I’ve ever had the privilege of watching and your so full of knowledge keep up the fantastic work man 💪💪🙌

  • Pinz314

    You just made the best welding video on IRglo. The way you can see the weld pull on that first tac is just amazing!

  • Whittaker Dunn
    Whittaker Dunn

    I really appreciated the part where the slag ball went into the threads. The number of projects I do at home where it feels like I miss something totally avoidable is almost 100%. Seeing a professional homeowner like yourself doing the same thing is really encouraging.

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield

    Nice job. Always good to see man who knows his way around his tools.

  • Chris T
    Chris T

    This was a ton of fun to watch. I have never done any welding, maybe I should learn. That was a very expensive $2.00.

  • miquerto

    Man, that was a roller coaster ride of emotions. I'm glad you were able to repair it. Thanks for sharing your woes. ;-)

  • AlBarathur

    I would have used a bolt to keep the two pieces together in position for welding. The heat probably ruined that tap. But then again, taps get broken all the time not really a big deal. The worst danger would have been for your tap to get stuck there because some glob of weld came into the threads right where one of the tap flutes were. Maybe the lord help you there heh. You did pretty good there and you showed how being prepared is important. You had the tools and some knowledge to use it, even though you don't do those things for a living. I am a welder by trade and I can say sometimes doing a simple repair can be very challenging. But welding is a beautiful thing nonetheless, and basic knowledge of it saved you that day. Out of two broken pieces, you made them one once again.