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  • Chase Hunter
    Chase Hunter

    “God tier aroma” man that’s the best sentence I’ve ever heard

  • Martin Neumann
    Martin Neumann

    It's always nice to see, how many German products you're using. Stihl, Ballistol... what's next? Greetings from over there ••• Martin

  • R A
    R A

    Good to see youre feeling the fizz on the daily brother.

  • ET

    I love the smell of Ballistol in the morning!

  • Wilf Tansley
    Wilf Tansley

    Solid chuckle. Ballistol has perfected the day old vomit smell

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    My grandfather showed me this a long time ago when I was a kid . As a result decades later when he passed away his old work tools in his shed were still in great shape !

  • Kaveman, The Wood Butcher
    Kaveman, The Wood Butcher

    Not familiar with Ballistol, but I rank PB Blaster among the God Tier. Smells like grandad and the shop, like work being done, like a certain kind of manliness that WD-40 only pretends to.

  • Beerenmüsli

    God Tier Aroma describes it really well.

  • Mercury_angel

    I love the laugh after the "good tier aroma." Lol 😆

  • Paul Wheeler
    Paul Wheeler

    I had to rewind to make sure I heard you correctly about the finest man made scents.

  • Penguin

    Loving these Homeowner hacks!

  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith

    I personally keep Hopps #9 on the bench for my gun rooms air freshener.

  • Deane Wagner
    Deane Wagner

    My family and I actually laughed with “God smelling aroma!” 😂😂. You do a great job! Keep it up brother!

  • UrbanJungle

    I think it was Marilyn Monroe who once famously said when asked what she wore in bed replied “5 drops of Ballistol”….. I may have imagined that but seems close enough 😂

  • Jesse Orchard
    Jesse Orchard

    Thank you for all the fantastic tips and tool information from a fellow PNWesterner. Your channel is a godsend. Be well and take care, my friend.

  • Rb72

    I use ballistol all the time on my firearms, RV, truck, etc. my wife is NOT a licorice fan - she absolutely detests the smell. I’ve definitely gotten used to it.

  • petunia27

    Your videos remind me of my dad. He was a logger in the Blue Mountains of Oregon in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. You bring me back lots of good memories.

  • Darrell Poe
    Darrell Poe

    You can bet a man with a watch on each wrist is prepared for anything.

  • bookswithadollarsign

    Went a little zoomer there with the god-tier 😂

  • Petar Krešimir Krizmanić
    Petar Krešimir Krizmanić

    Ballistol, sweet nectar of the gods!!!