What’s inside a US forest service red bag Wranglerstar professional Homeowner
Secrets of the U.S. Forest Service Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner

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  • Bob Falk
    Bob Falk

    As a 33 year employee of the FS, I appreciate you bringing positive attention to our fine organization.

  • vertiCal {}{}{}
    vertiCal {}{}{}

    I just binged all the content you have on IRglo. Alot of interesting clips. Fascinating content, keep up the great work

  • Ranting Van Man Studios
    Ranting Van Man Studios

    I used this when I was in Americorps. I love this history snapshot of it. Thank you.

  • Garret Foreman
    Garret Foreman

    Currently finishing a roll on the SRF lightning complex and my red bag has kept me comfortable and supplied for almost 14 days now

  • Steven Rais
    Steven Rais

    So basically my backpacking bag that is usually packed

  • Wayne Gilchrist
    Wayne Gilchrist

    Keep up your presentations on the Forrest Service. I find all of your videos on your Homestead good as well. I'm almost ready to be a Forestry Service "Smoke Jumper" 😁 but I don't think I would like dying! Great Job!

  • Firemann32

    We use the same bag for our USAR deployment bags.

  • Ian Enderby
    Ian Enderby

    Great kit Cody!! May I suggest an upgraded charger? Those little guys are so slow and they have high power units that are just as small from companies like Anker. I could imagine getting a quick charge to be a useful thing out on the wildland. :)

  • Austin Grace
    Austin Grace

    I was at the calf canyon fire I can vouch that we had these.

  • laughfaster1

    Daaaaamn they give you guys Thermarests? That’s noice 👌🏼

  • Taylor Lubbeck
    Taylor Lubbeck

    I have the yellow bag. Love it. Use it as a light ruck on days I don't wanna ruck with 60lbs

  • alco4884

    Back in the day when I joined the forest service I used that as my campaign bag. I still use it to this with my yellow web gear. The pack of the yellow web gear could clip to the front of the red bag so you could carry both On your back at the same time.

  • A. Azazagoth
    A. Azazagoth

    You by far have the best shorts on IRglo. I love the series about the tools used by the Forest Service!

  • Roy Carlson
    Roy Carlson

    Man wranglerstar you never ever disappoint 🤓🤗

  • Shooter Heming
    Shooter Heming

    Awesome kit 👌🏻

  • Marco Pena
    Marco Pena

    Thumbs up though 👍🙋‍♂️

  • honestly

    ur tellin me that they’ve always had dude wipes in those red bags??? amazing 😂

  • BilgemasterBill

    Everyone should have some sort of "bug out bag" like this handy for the grabbing.

  • Jeremiah Musser
    Jeremiah Musser


  • Shannon Stiles
    Shannon Stiles

    Keep’em comin 🇺🇸