Why West Coast Chainsaws Are SPECIAL
Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner. Why do West Coast chainsaws have full wrap handles and larger bumper spikes

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  • w3vjp

    And thus you have the origins of the infamous east coast - west coast logger wars of the mid-1990’s.

  • Marco Femto
    Marco Femto

    Im a west coast sawyer, but I pay my respects to east coasters, trees that grow outwards with crazy branches and a bunch of hardwoods.

  • PB Machines
    PB Machines

    Well for one ours east coast are still gasoline

  • J Crisp
    J Crisp

    For Stihl order a “R” for Rescue version and you can get the full wrap handle

  • sawdust whisper
    sawdust whisper

    They are also special because we all know how special west coast guys are

  • Matt Marcoux
    Matt Marcoux

    I heard they had full wrap around handle so their boyfriend or girlfriend could help hold the saw…

  • Cameron Styles
    Cameron Styles

    I live in Pennsylvania; all 3 of my Stihls were purchased with full bars and 2 of them had the beefy felling dogs.

  • OUfan namedBrandon
    OUfan namedBrandon

    I half expected him to pull out a toy saw saying "this is an East Coast saw, see the difference"!?

  • greeenmartian

    I thought you just had some super expensive model lol

  • Southron Jr
    Southron Jr

    I am in Georgia and my husky saw has the half wrap handle but the big spikes. My local Stihl dealer has several of the west coast saws available and I have been eyeing them for that handle bc some if the terain where I drop trees for firewood and full wrap handle would be awful handy

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    Why do I live in the Appalachians and my saws are made like that maybe it's whatever was ordered from stihl

  • aSliceOfMilk

    *Me laying in bed having absolutely no occupational use for chainsaws*

  • Paul Diesel
    Paul Diesel

    Sorry, but double bucking dogs and a wrap around handle are nothing unique to the Left coast. Stihl sells saws world wide and these features are useful on any large tree chain saw cutting operation. By the way Stihl chain saws are built on the East coast in Chesapeake Virginia.

  • Kit Murphy
    Kit Murphy

    My 1952 David Bradley had those features and pop bought it in upstate NY.

  • ShenanigansOfMannanan

    I know you said "giant BUCKING Dogs"..... but it took me a second to not hear... what you all heard too... 😆 sinners

  • Travus Cooper
    Travus Cooper

    I'm from New Hampshire and my saws have the full rap handles and the big dogs

  • Ethan

    Here in Indiana at the local farm store they sell both styles

  • Man Drrtt
    Man Drrtt

    I've lived in AL and grew up in FL and now back in FL. I can go right down to my Stihl dealer right now and get that same saw no special ordering and never has been. It's always been the same. I'm starting to believe this is a figment of certain men's imagine.

  • Fee

    Difference between pro and consumer/prosumer saws next please, both in features and motors

  • Rob Thomas
    Rob Thomas

    I have a feeling you can get any Stihl saw delivered almost anywhere in the world.