How To Build A Shop like a PRO Episode 2
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نظر: 501
  • Wranglerstar

    Save 20% on your system and your first month is free when you sign up

  • Matthew Connolly
    Matthew Connolly

    Another prime example of why a simple tractor does NOT need to have more electronics than the first lunar lander had.

  • 0313bouchey

    Cody, I love how beautiful your property is! Great video! Excited to see the new shop take form!

  • dynamo2169

    Long time viewer, just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you sharing your daily life with us! God bless you.

  • Moore Family Farm
    Moore Family Farm

    As a content creator myself, I have to say I really appreciate this video. The struggle of trying to create content and actually get work done is extremely difficult and you handle it well. A professional homeowner indeed. Well done.

  • Eric Cortez
    Eric Cortez

    I learned how to operate a skid steer using that exact model working for the college I’m attending! Was super fun learning how to operate it! That AC cab sure is AMAZING lol. Love the content!!👍🏽

  • Richard Eustice
    Richard Eustice

    Very enjoyable Cody, great to see I’m not the only one that has a wreck of a day once in a while!! 😂

  • Nick van der Water
    Nick van der Water

    Love to see more building videos, thanks for taking us along mr W!

  • Tokyo San
    Tokyo San

    Glad they finally came around and gave you the permits necessary to build awesomeness.

  • 451°F

    More good content, I love seeing this homestead grow. It makes me excited to start my own someday, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • jackson roberts
    jackson roberts

    Just a pro tip with those levee gates, instead of using the sand snake take a shovel and drive the tarp into the ground all across the ditch where the water will run over the top of it, then pack dirt on the edge and the sides to make sure none can get around it. We’ll have about 50 of those in a good sized rice field, that’s the easiest way to do it.

  • Steve

    Great video Cody. The enemy is always trying to trip us up and make us stumble and destroy our testimony. I have had days like this where several things have gone wrong. I simply take a breath, pray and thank God for my salvation, my family, and everything that I have. God has opened so many doors in the last month. I'll explain it all in an email. Prayers for you brother!

  • Jason Morphew
    Jason Morphew

    I would like to say that this channel is my absolute favourite on IRglo, you are Mr wranglerstar a proper human that is not afraid of showing your mistakes and allowing us to see that not everything is easy.

  • Ben LePage
    Ben LePage

    Looking good Cody, 40'x40' is a decent sized shed, can't wait to see it come together.

  • Ken Spliffy Jr
    Ken Spliffy Jr

    Happy to see more progress! Can’t wait to see the finished results!

  • Bob

    Cody and his channel are both one of a kind you can learn an unbelievable amount of priceless skills and knowledge from this guy God bless him

  • Bryce Lane
    Bryce Lane

    Wow. Im not the only one who goes to get something finished quickly and it turns into an hour ordeal. Great video!

  • Daweed

    This was an awesome episode. Just hearing this v10 working is a blessing!

  • Patrick

    Thanks for taking us along on a "A day in the life of Cody" video. Very enjoyable. Blessings to you and your family!

  • Raymond Spielbauer
    Raymond Spielbauer

    I’ve been watching this channel since some axe or saw video popped in my recommended as a kid. I never thought I’d end up doing work that I see him do daily crazy how things turn out.