The strangest Axe Wranglerstar professional homeowner

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  • Gordon Montgomery
    Gordon Montgomery

    Dual wield a set of those and you are borderline invincible.

  • tipo gaming
    tipo gaming

    an Austrian axe made in Germany xD

  • Swiss

    This would be infinitely more appealing it if had a big striking square on the back of the axe to use with a hammer.

  • Dani

    Nobody:"Can this Philip screwdriver replace an 18 piece socket wrench set."

  • Micah Engan
    Micah Engan

    Gotta love the “weirdly specific tool is really only good for its specifically designed function” hot take

  • Prototype Bunny
    Prototype Bunny

    Today on "this would make a great zombie apocalypse weapon"

  • Veronika Lugitsch
    Veronika Lugitsch

    I'm Austrian and i never heard of this one haha

  • Green Goat
    Green Goat

    Firewood is a good chunk of the reason I carry a big knife on me, but I know plenty of people that have an ax specifically for their firewood, this would be damn useful

  • Yungskiz

    Unique yes, strange axe was that spring loaded thing you showed a long time ago, that was your first upload I ever watched!

  • adem mujkanovic
    adem mujkanovic

    "Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with your wood?"

  • Zachary Koedyker
    Zachary Koedyker

    Seeing this for the first time, it just visually makes sense

  • A55hole Actual
    A55hole Actual

    I love seeing ppl split wood the hard way, makes me laugh. You know, you can hit the end corner of the wood to split it extremely easily with a normal axe.

  • HeavenOnEarth Memes
    HeavenOnEarth Memes

    "Give me a lever, and I can move the world"

  • Detroit Mi Dunkin
    Detroit Mi Dunkin

    I can't wait to see this axe in a new horror movie

  • Skynut_69

    The axe isn’t a formidable splitter, you are! Strong as hell!

  • Polock Jo
    Polock Jo

    Agreed. Versatility takes the win every time unless you have so much you can get specialized items. I can’t afford specialized items, so always favor versatility first.

  • Epic Assassin
    Epic Assassin

    “The design is very human”

  • RazzleberryHaze

    I wish this man was my neighbor. This dude has a wealth of knowledge that I would love to learn from

  • B Victory
    B Victory

    Yea that swing that broke the log looked too close for comfort on the leg. That’s one reason we invented longer handles for sharp objects around 6,000bc. I feel like the angle of the handle even makes this worse. If the handle was a lot closer to straight but the same design I think I’d feel a lot more comfortable using it though.

  • Joshua Smyth
    Joshua Smyth

    The sawed-off shotgun of the axe world.