The Combar Survival tool costs a whopping $600. Is it worth it?
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  • Wranglerstar

    As Seen On Wranglerstar - The Pebble Sharp Dual Grit

  • LockPickingLawyer

    $600?!? I hope that was a tasty cup of tea!

  • Lucky

    Me trying to survive financially after buying this is the real challenge

  • Necron 2112
    Necron 2112

    Is it just me, or does every current "survival tool" seem to be nothing more than an upscaled version of a 1980's "Rambo Knife" ?

  • Ben Stanfill
    Ben Stanfill

    I could literally just watch this man make things in the forest, no talking, no music, nothing, and I would be very happy.

  • Alex Raimondo
    Alex Raimondo

    I love the fact that he just has a random AR sitting behind him against a tree

  • Hamishator

    I know nothing about survival and have no idea why youtube recommended your channel, but I've quite liked the 2 videos I've watched and it has inspired me to go get lost in the wilderness just to see how well I go. Wish me luck guys.

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M.

    It’s actually incredible how many products are designed by those who have and never will use them

  • Cole

    "I dont wanna offend anyone, but anybody that thinks this is anything more than a novelty is soft in the head"

  • The Sigma male
    The Sigma male

    I like how there’s an ar-15 with a holographic sight just casually sitting there

  • OnSpot

    I got faith in human kind when I see people like you filming videos and actually teaching people stuff in a pleasant subtle and profound way.

  • Blitzball Ace
    Blitzball Ace

    Did anyone else feel this was the most satisfying thing to watch.

  • Luca Fragapane
    Luca Fragapane

    Watching this 2 years later, this is a great video!

  • Dean H
    Dean H

    Would be an interesting follow-up video showing the tools you would choose that would supplant this all-in-one design piece for the same $600 budget. TY

  • swolleneyes

    "it would reaaaally appeal to someone who didn't know anything" lol love how you throw in these subtle burns 🔥

  • imre ottåsen
    imre ottåsen

    "it would be appealing to someone who hasn't experienced quality"

  • A R
    A R

    I love the concept of a multi-tool, though I've never found an exception to: purpose built items winning out over hybrid compromise fluff.

  • D Logic
    D Logic

    I haven't been able to smell for about 15+ years. But for some reason when Beethoven kicked watching you carve away the smell of soil and pine and leaves filled my nose (from my memory ofc) to where I was transported right there camping as a kid with my dad in boy scouts. Unreal :)

  • O P Holder
    O P Holder

    Just wanted to take this chance to thank you for all you do on youtube. Your tool evaluations are honest and absolutely fair. You are a valuable person and I just wanted to send congrats from a long time (85 year old) subscriber. God bless you and your work.

  • Shiori

    Nothing is better then watching a guy testing a 600$ survival tool at 2am