A Woodstove So Good They Made It Illegal
how double barrel wood stove made from two 55 gallon drums with a clever heat exchanger unit.
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  • Wranglerstar

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  • Paul Maxwell
    Paul Maxwell

    This stove is in no way illegal. It's simply not good enough to pass inspection in a dwelling. It's perfectly OK to install in a workshop, as long as you don't need to keep an insurance company happy. Good construction video!

  • Don VanDenBerg
    Don VanDenBerg

    My uncle had a couple of these when I was younger. One in his mechanic's shop for work and one in his garage at home. They weren't all fancy with the flanges, he just cut and welded some pipe between them to hold the upper chamber and act as a means to transfer the heat, and he filled the upper chamber with scrap steel so it would collect and radiate the heat even after the fire went out.

  • Raymond Webb
    Raymond Webb

    Having worked in a farm huge metal building repair shop many years ago, these are great during the rainy, snowy, winter days. The older mechanics made a removeable metal griddle that sat on top of the lower drum so that breaktimes you could heat up or toast some bread, fry some sausages, even a few eggs, bacon, etc for the crew. There's not a lot of space between the drums, but it just occurred to me that I bet there's a way to make great coffee with one of those double chamber Italian coffeemakers, just extend the griddle out a bit somehow for it to sit on and conduct the heat. When the power goes out in the winter (which often happened), you'd be set. Also, they had a suspended metal frame above the stove where you could spread out and warm up damp work gloves. In our modern world where so much is manufactured, the handmade solutions often bring back the best memories.

  • Patrick Durham
    Patrick Durham

    You installed the flanges between your barrels backwards. You always want the inner pipe pointing up you don't want to exposed crimped pipe pointing down in the direction of the flame. Leaks in the proper position will only add extra combustion air whereas if they're in the wrong direction they'll leak carbon monoxide

  • TheHonestPeanut

    Your longer videos that show your craftsmanship and attention to detail are some of my favorite. Whether I'm learning from them or just watching someone do something I also love to do I think they're great. Well done and thanks.

  • Pat Harmon
    Pat Harmon

    I haven't watched in a while, but my complaint isn't that the projects take too long. It's that the titles are all clickbatey and the project videos stopped being numbered in order which makes them hard to follow along.

  • Will Cushman
    Will Cushman

    As far as I'm concerned, you NEVER have to apologize for the pace of your great content. Superior quality just takes more time to produce. Thank you for the meaningful and interesting content.

  • Lance Robbins
    Lance Robbins

    Hey cody,

  • EricMinkwitz

    Honestly I like the fact that you do separate videos, it gives you more of a chance to show more detail per video and gives you yourself a chance to get your NON IRglo stuff done. keep putting out the great content bud and as always thanks for sharing.

  • Sionnach1601

    And btw, it was so nice to watch a video of this kind WITHOUT music.

  • TeufelDoc

    You just keep doing what you’re doing at your own pace. You’re running a homestead and we are merely observers with no skin in the game. No pressure, I’ll enjoy whatever video you put out for us, no matter the content.

  • SoulfulSmokie

    I really enjoy your videos and don't mind how you deliver what you share with us. I am grateful for the time and work that you put into making them. Thank you for spending time in your day just to share what you have with the world. High five, keep up the good work.

  • Thoughtful Clips
    Thoughtful Clips

    Your workflow and release schedule is spot-on. Appreciate the regular uploads and your hard work.

  • Sho-nuff

    No one is forcing you to do these videos, take your time and finish them however you want, I enjoy them and learn so much from your projects. Keep up the good content.

  • Spangler

    Cody …..you don’t have to explain. All you share with us is greatly appreciated. I would love working for someone like you . Never a dull moment and always learning

  • Ryan

    You'r doing great Cody. You just keep doing what you do. Love the stove btw. My grandfather had one of those in his wood working building. I remember getting the fire started and then sitting with him up at the house till it warmed up a bit. Wonderful memories made near that stove!

  • Meraki jUSt BE
    Meraki jUSt BE

    What you expressed at the end of this video is priceless. Your authenticity, sincerity and honoring of one’s intentions was made crystal clear. I believed I stumbled here just to take a moment and acknowledge as witness to a brother who is his worth in weight of gold.

  • K McD
    K McD

    I like step-by-step videos. For those wanting a start to finish, it's not too hard to add videos to set playlists as they are uploaded. Also, if you feel up to it, you could take all of the video you have and edit it into a compilation video at the end of a piece. Take your time with them, and I'm sure they'll be appreciated. Either and both options are nice ways to gauge how long a project takes.

  • Noone Knows
    Noone Knows

    Nicely done! I’ve made a few of these myself over the years. I would recommend that you turn the top barrel around in order to offset the stack so you get more of the heat in the heat exchanger.