Felling Giant Tree With Crosscut Saw
How long to does it take to cut down a giant fir tree with an axe? Tree Huggers unite. Safety issues in addition to shading garden.
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نظر: 8 181
  • Tyler D
    Tyler D

    I miss these old Wranglerstar videos. Wholesome, peaceful, easy to watch.

  • James Brady
    James Brady

    This is my favourite video of yours. I feel it brings together everything your channel is about in one short clip. Family, honest hard work, craftsmanship and respect. Thank you for sharing this!

  • RWBHere

    Thanks for this one. I'm not a tree-hugger, but something in you has to shed a tear when a magnificent creation like that is felled. Was it beginning to rot and drop branches? I trust that you have put all of the timber to good use.

  • Sallgood 01
    Sallgood 01

    Good thing he's got that hard hat to ensure his safety from an 80 ft tree falling on him

  • lebowski lives
    lebowski lives

    Glad to see a young man working with his father, you only know how much it means when its gone. I sure do miss my father, 1974-2009 shad michael knighton, rest in peace

  • VoidedTea

    Just started watching your channel and absolutely amazed by the quality of videography you put in almost every episode. So many angles, high quality picture, music. Everything is done with such a great taste. As a person who montaged a couple of home videos myself, I know it takes some special love for video art to deliver this kind of output. Absolute pleasure to watch.

  • Sam Harsha
    Sam Harsha

    You guys are so blessed to have such a wonderful view of the mountain from such a great piece of property... I am envious.

  • fathog 16
    fathog 16

    Absolutely amazing video mate. Love seeing a family together working and love seeing it be done the old way.

  • Ethan Alfman
    Ethan Alfman

    Wranglerstar, it truly is a form of art. I’m 16 and live on a farm, the family owns a logging business. I don’t think there is anything cooler to watch or participate in. The way it used to be done is just so amazing. Really appreciate it.

  • earthbiker

    Been watching you for over 10 years now. About once a year this video will get recommended and I'll watch it. You honored that big tree by taking it down with hand tools and it has been an honor to follow your family's path all this time. Keep up the good work.

  • Dan Kemp
    Dan Kemp

    Even after the years since this video was made, it still remains one of my favourite videos. Not sure why, but it's just such an amazing video.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    This whole channel is so wholesome, I would love to experience these things.

  • Alcoholic

    Having your son participate with mom and dad and learn the value of hard work at such a young age? Seriously great parenting. I'm addicted to these videos and even beyond the content, I hope to have a life like this one day.

  • Ian Enderby
    Ian Enderby

    This is probably my absolute favorite video of yours. It gives me hope. I pray for a wife and family like this. Thank you Cody for being the man you are.

  • James Luce
    James Luce

    Working together, doing things that families did for Generations, brought tears to my eyes, good job brother.

  • Rob Ascher
    Rob Ascher

    This is always so beautiful and touching to watch, especially the love you and your wife have for each other.

  • KK Prepper
    KK Prepper

    Being a professional arborist over 30 yrs I have fell many a giants. What is absolutely awesome is you got to share the experience with your wife. Very very cool

  • Austin Mullins
    Austin Mullins

    Love your videos, such a wholesome family moment. I know it's an old video but thank you for posting

  • Oldman Winter
    Oldman Winter

    Well felled. Good job. As one who had three 80 feet tall ponderosa pines fall on my cabin during a bad windstorm about...geez 20 years ago, I don't find a bit of fault with your decision to knock it down. You are a marvelous couple and great help-mates. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  • kevp95

    Absolutely awesome it shows family values, and the ending shows truly how blessed you will feel to accomplish these things with the one you truly love and cherish.