Can Men & Women be Friends?
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نظر: 2 896
  • thebeardedmaverick

    My best friend is a woman. I'm disabled now and have had 48 surgeries. She's had 27 surgeries. Having a best friend that understands what I've been through medically and vice versa has been incredibly helpful to us both. Plus she knows real well how stupid medical expenses are too.

  • Big Dad Giga Chad
    Big Dad Giga Chad

    My best friend since childhood is my friend April and we've never been anything besides friends, she's the sister I never had. Yeah I don't hang around any other females but to think a man can't be friends with a female without wanting to bed her is crazy. My wife trusts me and trusts April. Guess what, April was there for me when we were in fostercare and neither of us had anyone. She has a great sense of humor and she will always be my friend. Now that's a childhood friend and maybe that's different.

  • Mac Powers
    Mac Powers

    What a bazaar day for this to pop up.

  • Northwoodscowboy1876

    I’m a very happily married man, one of my best friends and hunting buddy is a woman. None of the problems I have encountered with this have been because of an interaction between us. It has always been some judgmental jerk causing trouble or making bad assumptions.

  • M Ko
    M Ko

    I have a great female coworker that I have been friends with for years.I helped her when her life wasn't great and could talk to her when things were great. Just to think than I was there because I wanted something from her is preposterous. Only an insecure man would something like that .

  • Frederik Raat
    Frederik Raat

    Wonder how you're gonna behave towards your daughter when she grows up. Either you'll have to come around and admit that men and women can have intimate platonic relationships, or you'll destroy her self-esteem and leave her with daddy issues. Hope you take care.

  • Dan Luusua
    Dan Luusua

    So married man here. Due to situations, I have to consistently work with a female coworker who is just like one of the guys. The fact we have to ride together consistently means we have to at least get along or otherwise be subjected to hours out of the work day working with someone we might be trying to avoid, which can become unbearable and untenable. I try to exercise a certain degree of professionalism and never contact her outside of work, but can confess that I consider her a work buddy. Is this wrong by that logic as I am not seeking anything beyond harmony in the work place and it does help to have someone you get along with?

  • Big Salt
    Big Salt

    most of my friends in the Navy were women... and trust me, i wouldnt sleep with them even if i was drugged. I just enjoyed the experiences we had together exploring the PNW every single day off.

  • 大卫

    My best friend is a woman. We've been working a dangerous job together for years and she has had my back through anything like no one else. She is the toughest person I know when the situation calls for it and shes utterly unafraid of anything. We're both married, have children and families. I also work together with her husband from time to time and my wife and her gets along perfectly. Never once has there been anything other than friendship and mutual respect between us.

  • 79MINI

    Think you missed on this one a little Cody. Sure there are sharks out there but waters still safe to swim despite them. Friends are also like taste which is subjective.

  • Mark Guthrie
    Mark Guthrie

    My best friend is a woman we have absolutely no interest in each other romantically. We have both been thru similar situation and we hang out at least 2 to 3 times a week.

  • Wade Rutherford
    Wade Rutherford

    I've had female friends who I share no attraction to. Usually they are friends of my family or we share interests in video games or writing or somethinglike that. I wouldn't say it's ever a super close thing but you catch up from time to time. I would especially think this would not be super uncommon for friends that you might have who are a generation or two older.

  • Matthew Sayre
    Matthew Sayre

    I miss the type of content from the time you got the Yanmar tractor and before it. I would love to see videos about the homesteading and do it yourself stuff.

  • John E
    John E

    Cody is a master at playing the IRglo algorithms!

  • Hi MickeyD
    Hi MickeyD

    I have females that are simply my classmates. Since I grew up in an environment that wasn’t even about “opportunities”, more so about learning and growing and I associate those females with that environment and mindset. And I have never seen it as anything else.

  • Jughead

    This is one I disagree with. I have two people I call true friends. My oldest friend is a woman. She happen to marry my other best friend. My father and her father preached in the same church when we were kids. She's been like my sister for almost 30 years and her husband has been the closest thing I've ever had to a brother since before they met. My wife completely understands the situation between use and gladly spend time with them when we get a chance. She actually prefers to spend time with my female friend then her husband but she loves them both.

  • Josh Helms
    Josh Helms

    I have female friends that I have had for decades some are single some are not..I'm not interested in a relationship with any of them but I do consider them close friends. I think this is the first thing I've heard you say I totally disagree with but I will say I've been watch your videos for years and you have said many things 1 thing out of all those years is a pretty good ratio.

  • Brian Simonson
    Brian Simonson

    I see your opinion on this one and understand how you have arrived at it. Some people will disagree and that's fine, that's the world. There are always anomalies to every situation etc. Not going to tell you that you are wrong, just that it doesn't align with what I have experienced in my life. My message is, have your belief, use it to guide you, but don't let it blind you to the possibilities of life.

  • Robert Dinicola
    Robert Dinicola

    I call bull shit. I have friends from my younger years that are women and we are still great friends. We "grew up" together. We all look out for one another. None of us were ever attracted to each other, we all knew what a mess the other one was! Lol! My wife is my best friend. Sure, i have tge boys to hang with and she has her girlfriends but my other female friend, are not really close with my wife. 45 years proves the friendship.

  • Everett Plummer
    Everett Plummer

    After a school reunion, friendships were renewed. I have become closer, with them, than before. I guess I am too old to relate anymore. I don't drive like like I used to. Breaking the speed limit, seems immature now. Risking my life, and others, seems pointless. I still have the skills to drive like James Garner, but lack the motivation for tickets. Popping wheelies, jumping creeks, evading police, drifting, and driving down gravel roads, doing 70mph, and having a 2 mile dust trail behind me, all seems like a waste of time learning. We come from a long line of blacksmiths and machinists, built like a gorilla, trained since I could walk in martial arts, never really doubted my own masculinity. My dad was no sissy. Army veteran, owned three biplanes, stunt pilot, racecars, tank mechanic, killed three enemies, barehanded, with a dagger stuck in his scapula. And had a list of W's. Had his own businesses. If anything, very few guys I knew, could measure up, to my definition of a man. They grew up with fathers that couldn't teach them ancient knowledge, that was to be past down, from generation to generation. Nowadays, children are lucky, to just have a dad, in the home. I guess I am judgemental, when I got hired somewhere, and they didn't have knowledge or understanding of what they were doing. A plant manager of a CNC operation, making automotive parts, for the big three, his qualifications, delivered newspapers to the owners, after school. People got hurt, people died, as a direct result of his bloodstained hands. A three generation family, died in a accident, because he took parts out of scrap, to make a delivery to Tremec, on time. The transfer case locked up the wheels, and the semi killed the baby, and the rest of the family. I don't see these guys as getting what masculine manhood is. No man code, no character, no preparation, no pre-planning to do the "RIGHT THING". "A man is only, as good as his word". Respect is earned. I respect a lot of people, but few as real men, and women.