Secrets of The US Forest Service - EMERGENCY FUEL Storage
How U.S. Forest Service Carpenters built storage caches for their lantern and stove fuel Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner
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نظر: 335
  • Anthony goes to Tennessee
    Anthony goes to Tennessee

    Cody, I was the biggest fan of the old wrangler star, making and hanging axe handles, the property videos, hand tools and wood and metal working etc. I lost hope when everything was “ testing the cheapest drill on Amazon it lit on fire,”

  • Homestead Jay
    Homestead Jay

    As a semi professional east coast homeowner I do wish I had the skills to do projects bare foot @

  • Wayne Patton
    Wayne Patton

    I think you should do some recreations of vintage gear. I liked this quite a bit.

  • Wyatt Hicks-Johnson
    Wyatt Hicks-Johnson

    I’ve been watching this dude for AGES now. Wrangler you look so much older than when I first found you, I hope you’re doin well and thank you for keeping me motivated to learn new things and teaching me more about home owning and adult life.

  • duck_rifle

    Your USFS inspired content is some of my favorite. As an east coast man, all that is something of a mystery to me because it simply isn’t part of our lives here. I think we would all love to see more.

  • Aiman Daniel
    Aiman Daniel

    Couldn't agree more. It's always magical when you see things as they are, what it took to make it and how it lasts. Eye-opening for lack of better word. May it be man made or natural like a small pond. Just the intricacies of it all. Invisible to most.

  • Joe Connell
    Joe Connell

    Love these simple, but not simplistic projects. Nicely shot, mixed and edited. Thank you.

  • david heach
    david heach

    This is EXACTLY the kind of content that got me watching this channel! This is a project that lots of people can learn something from, it passes down generational information and imparts some good old fashioned logic. This kind of content is so much better than the political or religious topics, which cody has every right to make but it's not interesting to me personally. More making stuff and working projects!!! 👍👍👍👍👍


    This reminded me how much I missed your old videos building tables and boxes and all sorts of things. Thanks for showing another building project.

  • T K
    T K

    I have a wooden toolbox that my great grandfather made some time back in the late 1800s. It’s made out of cherry, I think. When my mom finally emptied her knitting needles and yarn out of it, I ended up with it. I’ve been contemplating refinishing it but I think it’s covered in about 20 coats of paint. If that box could talk…….

  • Johnny Adams
    Johnny Adams

    One upgrade I would like to do is to use longer hinges with the pivot point at the very top of the lid. This would allow the lid to lay down almost flat on the side (handle would prevent it from being totally flat) rather than sticking out at a 90° when opened. Seems that would be a weak link, especially when kids are around.

  • Ripper Six
    Ripper Six

    Excellent idea with creating kits or modules for various needs. I’m especially interested in the idea of power/charging and communications based modules.

  • Armed Appalachian
    Armed Appalachian

    I've been doing the "kit" type thing for a year or so now, but just using tool bags that came with cordless tools. One example is my tiedown bag: 4 good ratchet straps, one 50ft and two 25ft lengths of rope, small tarp, and some carabiners. All fits into the basic bag 12"- 14" bag most drills come with.

  • Contemporary Primitive Man
    Contemporary Primitive Man

    Great idea. I always liked the metal cans but thought they were vulnerable to damage.

  • Ben LePage
    Ben LePage

    I love watching your woodworking and metal working videos! You should do them more often

  • Fluffy Bunny Arsenal
    Fluffy Bunny Arsenal

    That's awesome! I think I'll try to make one. I'm curious to see how it works to do a drop through flush fit handle with a small divot taken out.. It looks like there's enough room in the top to allow it. That way you can stack one on top the other if needed.

  • it'sjordo

    Evening Mr W, awesome project and can't wait to see the end product! If you ever think you would part ways with your replica cache I would be interested in purchasing it, started my own 'cache' and that could come in handy one day. Take care.

  • Linus Raschke
    Linus Raschke

    bro actually has the dogs out in the shop XD

  • PenaTuubi

    Nice to have some woodworking & simple building content, inspires me to do something myself too. Maybe similar but bigger boxes for first aid, tools, food and electricity at camper-van, now they are plastic and won't last use through winter without cracking.

  • Samuel W
    Samuel W

    Very cool video, thank you for sharing! I like the module idea for different important items one might need in different situations. I actually do that myself and find it quite helpful and that it saves a lot of time in case of emergencies. God bless 😎🙏🇺🇸