The Craziest Axe Ever Made!
Who builds the best splitting axe? You will be surprised.
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  • Wranglerstar

    Link My Favorite Saw Sharpener - Makes Sharpening Easy -

  • Matt Runyon
    Matt Runyon

    The splitting axe took 28 swings, the maul took 27. Pretty damn even.

  • Caleb Stanek
    Caleb Stanek

    Wish I could spend a whole day with this guy doing this and listening to stories

  • Jim Hurlburt
    Jim Hurlburt

    My grandfather taught my father who is now 94 that you never chop the log on the close side to you on the edge but rather on the far side edge. If it skips or splits it will go right into your leg the way you demonstrated. On the far side it can't. Sometimes the old-timers know best .

  • Verenicruz

    Me: lives in the city. Is online with all free time. Will never touch an ax

  • A.C. Dragonlover
    A.C. Dragonlover

    First it was lockpicks. Then it was mouse traps. Now it looks like homesteading is the next randomly interesting thing IRglo is deciding to show us.

  • Tom Peen
    Tom Peen

    This man has a genuine talent of making the viewer seem like a genuine friend of his just sat across from him and its so wholesome


    This guy is the Bob Ross of wood chopping.

  • Josiah Fry
    Josiah Fry

    I’d bet that the vibration from in bouncing instead of sticking causes a lot of that stress on your hands as well. Sticking might be annoying, but it absorbs a lot of the impact.

  • Tempestive

    "there's so much to this handle, I can't even tell you. "

  • Wyatt Waid
    Wyatt Waid

    "iv looked at it, and felt it and studied it" - wish a woman would talk about my wood like that.

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper

    This man's relationship and love to axes is so strong that even after death this man will be talking about axes to people

  • Theland Piranha
    Theland Piranha

    The splitting axe had 28 swings on the pie method and got a Y-shaped split, the German maul however had 26 swings on a thicker and knotted piece, Germans for the win

  • INDICUS907

    This man is living my dream jus chillin in the woods choppin logs laughing at his own jokes

  • Mixchief

    Another advantage for the "Bismark" one is the turning ability after you've sunken the axe in the wood thanks to its narrower edge.

  • Silver Tower
    Silver Tower

    this man reminds me of my grandfather a lot who passed in late 2016. while my grandfather was more of a fisherman than a woodsman, they have the same personality and are quite alike with their work ethic. love this guys content

  • Norman Wilson
    Norman Wilson

    Truest part of watching this video was you exhausting yourself splitting these chunks. Did the same myself and was dead tired after splitting only a few pieces. Finished off the rest with a pneumatic driven rail splitter that saved a lot of time for other chores. Thanks, Cody. Always enjoy watching a man who believes in himself and seamlessly relates to others. God bless.

  • David

    It's refreshing to see such old-school pride, perseverance and confidence. Also--a fact that may be overlooked by many--you have to be mighty healthy to swing either of these splitters (even the lighter one) the number of times you did and not collapse from exhaustion. Very impressive!

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Not sure how I came across your channel, but watching you makes me wanna learn to camp.

  • Tobias Addison-smith
    Tobias Addison-smith

    this man deserves a medal of honour, so positive in what he does. put me in a happy mood watching him show such passion into what he does. for that you deserve a like and subscribe!