Why Professional Homeowners Will Love This Tool
Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner
Get your Motion Pro T handle here ( amzn.to/3CPNey7 )
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  • Wranglerstar

    Get your Motion Pro T handle here (

  • Tom Ray
    Tom Ray

    I'm an Engineer and designed a very similar tool 30 years ago for the utility industry. My design had the sides of the Tee hinged to store in the pocket better and the Tee slid from one end to the other allowing a fourth opportunity for a socket. Love a good tool!

  • Josh Mustful
    Josh Mustful

    10yr mechanic, rebuilding salvage title vehicles. I primarily work on GM, I have found better tools then snap on due to if I have to replace a tool I have a life time warranty on the tool. I also clear woods at the cabin on weekends. I purchased a few axes you have mentioned to see how they far against my great grandpas axes. I got alot of logging tools from him when he built the cabin in the 20s. I enjoy your content alot.

  • Gearhead

    I enjoy identifying situations such as this here and coming up with the best tool solutions just as you have done. It’s honestly one of my favorite hobbies if we can call it that! Awesome video Cody

  • Black cat skid steer
    Black cat skid steer

    These tools now make us so much more efficient especially when they are specific to your craft. Keep up the good work Mr Wranglerstar!

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Love this for when I’m at the range with different rifles and scopes. I use the fix it sticks one, which is a little smaller, but still a great tool.

  • chinowombat

    I work in the sign industry and I can't wait to get on of these in my bag. Thanks for the great content!

  • Curt White
    Curt White

    The editing in this short episode was second to none!

  • Blake Bancroft
    Blake Bancroft

    Working on our bikes and must admit changing sockets is a little tedious at times. I also where glasses finally switched to progressive lenses that was a plus for sure. The T- handle 1/4 drive looks like a fantastic tool. We’re near a small town so tools and hardware can be a bit challenging to put together. Rocky Mountain ATV / MC I’m definitely adding the Motion pro T handle 1/4 drive. running a 2023 CRF 250 RX and 2022 YZ 250 FX. Keep your wheels down and thanks again for your time and content!

  • T K
    T K

    Wow! I like that. I actually welded up one in 1/2” about 20 years ago. Took three extensions, two short and one long. I lost it somewhere along the line. But that 1/4” is AWESOME.

  • Jim Griffiths
    Jim Griffiths

    Protip: Put duct tape around each socket end (unless you plan on using them on different ends), so they don't fall off. :) I do the same when working on my car, in hard-to-reach areas where sockets can get pulled off. Duct taping them on helps to not lose them somewhere random.

  • Nick Shelton
    Nick Shelton

    I love this channel. Been a faithful viewer for years. Used to love the old tool reviews and now love more of the daily video updates! Thanks for the entertainment and more importantly thanks for being a man of God! God Bless 🙏

  • Mark

    I was a tire tech for a few years and I made a tool like that. The long shank was 1/2" square with friction ring for flip sockets and the tee handle ends were 19mm and 21mm. Didnt need to use an impact wrench most of the time.

  • Live Wire
    Live Wire

    My Dad had made a 2 head version back in the 60's.We used it for Bike repair. Never gave it much thought.

  • Vilis Grīnvalds
    Vilis Grīnvalds

    Wonderful tool! I got similar old school T type with sockets already machined in. Handy tool! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Jacoby Spurnger
    Jacoby Spurnger

    My "perfect tool" is a Milwaukee m4 1/4" hex drive electric screwdriver. For a similar reason: it's literally any tool that I need on a low torque drill that fits in my pocket. With a small pack of bits including Philips, flathead, nut-drivers, torx, hex bits, and more I feel like I can work on anything.

  • DasShape

    I worked with a old time mechanic... hes been retired for years now. But he made a crescent wrench 🔧 with a hammer head welded on end. He gave me one... it was a handy tool.

  • John Harris
    John Harris

    My young sons ride almost everyday. I ride with them multiple times a week. We have single track mountain trails all around our property. Keeping 4 bikes cleaned and maintained is a job, but well worth it!

  • Scott Harwood
    Scott Harwood

    I thought it was odd to see a wranglerstar video 3 minutes long. However after watching I see why it wasn’t a short 😂. Keep the great content coming, and god bless! Also that’s an awesome tool!

  • Jordan Eakle
    Jordan Eakle

    Love your channel. Modest, faithful, helpful, intelligent, humble. Just to name a few. I learn something every video. Keep up the good work.