In 2010, the Wranglerstar family decided to turn our backs on a comfortable city life and become modern day homesteaders. Our adventure starts in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Have you dreamed of stepping off the treadmill of life? Join the Wranglerstar family as we blaze a trail for all those who dream of becoming truly independent from the mythological American dream.

  • Ghost Fox
    Ghost Fox

    So, how does that very from other heads you'd have to set like for sledge hammer heads and claw hammer heads?

  • big oof
    big oof

    Oh so you dont hold the wood with your hand?

  • krishnenduray175

    a small jute gunny bag would have solved the problem

  • Mike Walters
    Mike Walters

    Good stuff Mrs W

  • Kilian Schnitzel
    Kilian Schnitzel

    But how does the US forest service work in portland?

  • Andre Leverette Jr
    Andre Leverette Jr

    Aw hell naw man but I bet it is that bad

  • James Burba
    James Burba

    Building a road ??? you're just scraping off some sod, spreading a little gravel, and planting a springtime weed farm.

  • Daniel Forster
    Daniel Forster

    Bro you are ripped

  • Briddy Hll
    Briddy Hll

    been doing this for 80 years. pour four inches of oil/kerosene into a bucket etc. stand your kindlin upright in the oil within the bucket,the wood will draw the oil into it its self. now you can light the fire without paper or shavings. and you only need two or three bits of oiled sticks.

  • MrKylefitzable

    Give her a medal

  • curtis m
    curtis m

    PS: If you don't have a bachelor's degree, you're not qualified to home school children in 2022. You're just handicapping them if they decide not to be a day laborer and want to go to college.

  • Hayden Coombes
    Hayden Coombes


  • curtis m
    curtis m

    This man is a cartoon character. Wears the same outfit every day 😭😂

  • A Little Of Everything
    A Little Of Everything

    Or just slide it on

  • Normanek72

    Welcome to our world. Chicken soup is really beneficial to your health. It has healing propertys.

  • Con Artist Art Theives
    Con Artist Art Theives

    True American

  • Its only me!
    Its only me!

    It is also about money. If you buy gas and electricity from them they have control over your purse strings. If they also control all the food that you buy then you are totally dependant upon them. They can make everybody poor and dependant on rented social housing in cities where they have CCTV cameras everywhere thereby controlling your movement. You will have no privacy not even in your homes. ‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy’: Warnings of ‘Orwellian’ Great Reset. The W.E.F. is utterly evil. The fact that this is still available on you tube means it could be a lie. Whatever it is it is causing great anxiety and hatred. Satan is loving it.

  • Davidg

    Next you can show us a thing or two about wood chippers

  • MediaServer8

    Any alternatives to drier lint for those of us that air dry clothing and don't have a steady supply?

  • chocoboasylum

    A loooot of people will be looking for videos like this this year

  • Titus Helmi
    Titus Helmi

    ? Where fire?

  • EvolveYourself

    But it's true. You *can't* find 3 reliable people now days. It's a real problem. It's not made up in our minds. Humanity has run its course and we need to stop breeding. Humans have destroyed everything: including each other, and the plants and animals. Unfortunately, what you are saying here are platitudes and *not* realistic. We are forced to be independent and struggling. It's the only way to even half survive.

  • Super Gremlin
    Super Gremlin

    Jeans with no underwear?

  • Super Gremlin
    Super Gremlin

    I would just use a tire honestly

  • Stirl Dem
    Stirl Dem

    What’s next Molotov cocktails 🍸 from leftover a Martini?

  • Joe Webster
    Joe Webster

    live in the area and I've witnessed someone die and I got on the news lol

  • EvolveYourself

    How many times have you been in trouble and an awful "Christian" says, "I'll pray for you," and walks away, leaving you standing there more distressed. Why didn't they offer to help you?! Why didn't they try to do something, anything?!

  • Oldmate Kraven
    Oldmate Kraven

    That is a beautiful axe. What would you recommend for splitting larger logs? Particularly Aussie hardwoods

  • EvolveYourself

    "Turning the other cheek" means that you're enabling and accepting evil. Nope. Tough love is the only way. Stand your ground. Defend yourself, your family, your animals, and your property.

  • Kelvin Boyd
    Kelvin Boyd

    Cody the spikes on the end of the wrench is as for lining up the holes on your purlings and gurtters.. to your eye beans. It is called a spud wrench.